Slippi 2.2.0 Supported!

Some of you may have noticed that Slippi updated to 2.2.0 and introduced stage selection for the loser! Theoretically, this would allow ALL stages to be playable.

Unfortunately, the old version hard coded the stages, so this new functionality does not work.

However, we have a new release that resolves this issue! The download link has been updated, but here’s a direct link:


PS: Replays also work, but with some difficulty. Here’s the download to the replay stuff, instructions are in the Readme:

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Playing SDR Replays

With the rollback compatible version of SD Remix, it saves replays of your matches in .slp files. However, Slippi Launcher doesn’t play them correctly.

We have figured out a way to play these replay files. Check out the Rollback Netplay Guide and view the optional replay viewing instructions below the normal rollback instructions.

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Slippi Rollback Compatible Beta Release

We’ve code completed a trimmed down version of SD Remix 3.2.1 Netplay version that is compatible with the latest Slippi releases (which have rollback netplay). It hasn’t been thoroughly tested, but it’s ready for the public, so we’re releasing it as Beta. Try it out!

You can find the release on our github:

Instructions are included in the README.txt included in the zip file.

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3.2.1 Netplay Version: Beta Release

For the past month, we’ve been working on a new Netplay focused build based off of 3.2.1, that updates the codes to the latest versions found in the Melee hacking community and also fix bugbears, like reorganizing the stage list (including restoring alpha to the stock Melee stage list) and implementing saving SDR Options to the memory card.

Or at least, that’s what it started off as. We ended up adding a massive ton of codes to the SDR Options menu, and included some Melee bug fixes, like fixing falling through Pokemon Stadium and the Freeze Glitch.

Check out the beta here at our github:

PS: For those curious, we do have a proof of concept of SD Remix working with the new rollback code, but matchmaking doesn’t work. It also doesn’t have any of the stages or anything, so it’s still rough. You can find the proof of concept on our github, but if you try it out, please don’t queue into Unranked, otherwise you will both end up desynced, and cause issues.

HD Remix Texture Pack released!


We have an update for you for the first time in two years! Check out the HD Remix Texture pack under the Download tab. This is the largest HD texture pack for Dolphin to date including nearly 7,000 textures.

Happy Holidays and Happy Smashing!

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SD Remix Lite PAL Alpha 2 released!

Hello chaps! After long last, we’ve finally fixed the long standing bug with Kirby’s Up+B in the PAL release of SD Remix Lite. We’re still calling it an alpha release for now, but please do try it out if you have a PAL version of SSBM.

In addition, we’ve gotten some feedback that some people don’t like the NTSC top tiers and instead want to play SD Remix Lite with the PAL balance to the top tiers. We’ve decided to be accommodating and release two versions of the PAL version of SD Remix Lite to account for this, one with the normal PAL top tiers and one with the NTSC buffed top tiers, as it’s really not up to us to decide what you want to play. In addition, one of the feedback we’ve gotten over in the United States is that it’s nice that it doesn’t mess up your Melee gameplay, as the top tiers are the same, and we’d like to extend that possibility to our PAL friends as well.

Without further ado, please go to our SD Remix Lite downloads page for the latest release(s).

Happy smashing!

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New Netplay Tournament Series to start Sept. 26th

Howdy folks!

We’re happy to announce that we’re starting a netplay tournament series for SD Remix 3.2.1. It’s called SDR NAO, and it will be on September 26th, open to players in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

If you’d like to participate, you’ll need to sign up here:

To get the full details of the tournament and instructions on how to participate, visit the Challonge page (the information is in the description):

If you don’t know how to play SD Remix online, we have a handy guide for you here: Netplay Guide.

Hope to see y’all there!

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Public Alpha for SD Remix 3.2.1 PAL!

Hey PALs!

We’ve had some semi-public testing for the PAL version of SD Remix Lite going for a little while, and we haven’t heard about any bugs, so we decided it’s time to release it on the site officially. We’re still calling it an alpha for now, though.

You can get it at the SD Remix Lite downloads page.

Instructions for installing/using it are at our SD Remix Lite Instructions page.

If you find any bugs, let us know, preferably at the official smashboards thread. If enough people play it and report on it, we’ll be able to promote it to a normal release, instead of Alpha or Beta.

Hope you enjoy it! Happy smashing!

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Version 3.2.1 Released (Bugfixes)

Hi y’all,

Even with our own internal testing, there were inevitably things we missed. Unfortunately, not all of them were trivial, so we’ve had to release an update to all versions, including SD Remix Lite. Here’s what’s changed in 3.2.1:

  • Single button melee is fixed (does not affect Lite)
  • Both Mount Olympuses no longer crash in training mode (also affects Lite)
  • Cranky’s Treehouse right side can no longer be clipped through (also affects Lite)
  • Ganondorf’s Up+B is no longer broken on inclines (also affects Lite)

We could have lived with most of it until the next version, but the Ganondorf bug was the main reason for pushing out a patch.

You can get the latest version on our Downloads page.

Anyway, sorry for the bugs, and hope you’re enjoying the overall SDR experience!

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SD Remix Netplay Tournament #2

Hey folks,

404House has decided to host another SD Remix netplay tournament. It’ll be held on September 12th and is open to all US and Canadian east coast and midwest players. If you live in those regions, sign up for the tournament on the Challonge page for the tournament. As always, the base of operations will be in the SD Remix chat room on Anther’s ladder, so make sure to log into Anther’s before the tournament.

If you don’t know how to set up netplay, check out our netplay guide.

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