Dolphin (PC)

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a Gamecube/Wii emulator for the various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. There’s even an Android version.

In relation to SD Remix, it will allow you to play SD Remix on your computer, assuming you have a computer powerful enough. It is also the best method of playing other people online (via netplay).

Pros and Cons of the Dolphin method

  • Pro: Many more configuration options than any other method. You can play at a higher resolution (1080p, for example), in 3D with a 3D monitor, or even in Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift support (which is actually a lot cooler than you’d think)!
  • Pro: Many more control options, including perfect GameCube controller support if you have the WiiU Gamecube adapter.
  • Pro: The most reliable way to play over the internet with other players.
  • Pro: May run smoother than on real hardware (if you have a powerful enough computer)
  • Con: Most computers no longer have CRT monitors, and this may introduce input lag.
  • Con: Slower computers will not run as smoothly.
  • Con: Difficult to bring to smashfests and tournaments.

Dolphin Installation

Step 1: Build the SD Remix ISO

Before you can play SD Remix, you need a copy of it to play in Dolphin. Please refer to the ISO Instructions for instructions on how to build the SD Remix ISO.

Step 2: Download and install Dolphin

Head on over to the Official Dolphin Emulator Website to download the latest version of Dolphin for your operating system.

Depending on which version you downloaded, it is either a simple unziping of the file or execution of the installer. After that, run Dolphin. The default configuration should be good enough. Set your controls in the Controller Settings. After that, you can open the SD Remix ISO in Dolphin and start playing SD Remix on your Computer!

If you have any problems, Dolphin’s team provides FAQs and Guides on their website. They also have a forum as well.

To play with others online, refer to our Netplay Guide.

5 comments on “Dolphin (PC)

  1. My SD Remix iso wont do anything in dolphin, it wont even open most of the time, and when it does its just a white screen. What do i do?


    • What happens when you open up the original SSBM ISO in Dolphin? What version of the patch file did you use and what version is your SSBM ISO?


    • What happens when you open up the original SSBM ISO in Dolphin? What version of the patch file did you use and what version is your SSBM ISO?


  2. so ive done the whole tutorial, and im having the same problem, i opened my ssbm iso, it worked fine, i used the patch 3.2.1 for version 1.02 and my ssbm iso is 1.02,


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