Donkey Kong

The king of the jungle returns with some much-needed firepower! Fans will go bananas as they power through enemies.

Donkey Kong is another character with relatively minor changes. His defensive game is more
consistent due to the increase in shield size, and he’s more threatening now that his moves are meatier than before…
His Forward Strong Attack is in red. Pretty big, huh?
His Down Strong Attack isn’t bad either!
Such a brute! This might be considered indecent exposure…
Even his grab seems a good bit larger!
<Standard Special Move: Giant Punch>
Donkey Kong’s signature move is his Giant Punch. Charge it completely and you can store the attack. Unleash it at the right moment to pulverize your opponents.
While in Melee you were sent into a helpless free fall state for executing the move, in SD Remix…
Donkey Kong! You completely missed!
Well, I guess this is okay…
Although his changes don’t appear too exciting, players will find Donkey Kong truer to his design and maybe even reap a few noteworthy victories too!

Complete changelist

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