Rollback Netplay Guide (RECOMMENDED)

With the momentous release of Slippi 2.0, Melee fans now have the wonder experience of playing SSBM with rollback, which gets rid of lag spikes and input delay when playing online.

As of now, only normal 1v1 matches are possible.

Step 1: Install and Setup the latest Slippi; Make sure you can play Melee online

In order to play with rollback, you must have the latest Slippi installed and working with normal Melee 1.02.

Go to Slippi’s official website,, and follow the instructions to get online. Make sure you can play a match online with Melee 1.02 before attempting SD Remix.

Step 2: Create SD Remix Rollback version ISO

Instead of “SD Remix Full”, you’ll need “SD Remix Slippi Rollback Compatible”. It can be found on our ISO downloads page.

With that patch file, you’ll want to create an ISO from it. Instructions can be found both in the zip file and in the ISO Creation Instructions page.

In Slippi, the row for the new ISO should look something like this:

Most common issues:

  • Invalid SSBM 1.02: If your SSBM is invalid, then patching won’t work. To see if your SSBM is valid, follow the instructions linked in this text. The only valid hash is 0e63d4223b01d9aba596259dc155a174.
  • Wrong SD Remix version: To play online, you should be using the Rollback Compatible version of SD Remix, not the Full version, which is meant for solo or local play. Follow the instructions linked in this text except instead of Melee, check your SD Remix ISO. The hash should be e48f771c07e1f743a5a608fb092c2145.

Step 3: Play the SD Remix ISO in Slippi

Playing SD Remix in Slippi is the same as playing Melee in Slippi. The main exception is that Unranked mode currently does not work in SD Remix, so you’ll need to use Direct Mode.

Step 4: Finding an Opponent

Well, if you can’t use Unranked, how do you find matches? Sadly, you have to find opponents manually.

The description when highlighting “Unranked” in the the Rollback version of SD Remix shows the link to ““. However, this is currently being deprecated.

If you want to find matches, the best place currently is the official SDR Netplay Discord server. This server is a hub for people to find netplay matches, a voice lobby, support, and even a hub for tournaments. Follow this link to join:

Step 5: Enjoy

That’s it! Enjoy playing SD Remix with the full power of rollback!

OPTIONAL: Watching replays

By default, when you play matches with this version of SD Remix in Slippi, it will create a replay file (a “.slp” file). Normally you would play this with Slippi Launcher, but these files don’t work for SD Remix replays right off the bat. However, here are some instructions for making it work.

Step 0: Get Replay Files

The normal Slippi Launcher crashes when viewing SD Remix *.slp files, so we need our own programs. Go here to download the zip with all the files you need:

Step 1: Make a Special Replay Version of SD Remix

Normally, Slippi Launcher uses Melee 1.02 to replay the slp files. This obviously won’t work for SD Remix, as the characters are all different. So, we need an SD Remix ISO to watch it.

Unfortunately, the other versions of SD Remix don’t work correctly due to various added features. However, we have a super pared down version with only the bare minimum required to make SD Remix online rollback replays working.

Extract the zip file. In the place you extracted to, you should see a file named “Drag Melee ISO To This File”.

Drag your Melee 1.02 ISO to this file. It should patch things up and create a file called “SD_Remix.iso” in the same folder as your extracted files.

Step 2: Move ISO to Slippi Replay Folder

Locate your Slippi replay folder. In newer versions of Slippi, this is located at “C:\Users\<yourAccountName>\Documents\Slippi”.

Move the newly created SD_Remix.iso to this folder.

Step 3: Install Custom Slippi Launcher

The normal Slippi Launcher crashes when viewing SDR *.slp files. Among the extracted files, you will find a Slippi Launcher installer. Go ahead and install it; you can replace your existing install as it behaves the same except without the crashes.

Step 4: Setup Slippi Launcher

Launch “Slippi Launcher”. Go to the Settings screen by clicking “Configure Settings”.

From here, click on the blue button on the right side of the “Melee ISO File” path. Select “C:\Users\<yourAccountName>\Documents\Slippi\SD_Remix.iso”. It’ll take you back to the setting screen and it’ll try and verify your ISO. It will say “Unknown ISO”. This is fine.

Step 5: Play replays in Slippi Launcher

Go back to the main menu, and go to “Replay Browser”.

Choose a replay you want to watch and hit the play button on the right. for that replay. A special Dolphin window should pop up and it should play your match!

Things to know

If you have any Melee replays, they will likely not work properly. To make Melee matches work, you will need to go back into settings and set the Melee ISO back to your Melee 1.02 ISO. Then if you want to watch SDR matches, you can switch the ISO back.