Running DVD Backups

You can run SD Remix as a DVD backup on your GameCube. If you can get it working, this is the most preferable way to play the game on a GameCube, as there are no music and sound glitches. However, this method relies heavily on having a GameCube with a good laser. If you are having trouble with this method, you may either want to try an alternative GameCube method, or try troubleshooting the laser.

Things you will need

Step 1: Burn the SD Remix ISO to a Mini-DVD

This is a bit of a finicky thing, as not all discs you burn will work properly, due to a variety of factors, including luck. You can get a full rundown by clicking here. But, to give you the cliffnotes:

  • The recommended mini DVDs to use are the “Ritek G04 Mini DVD-R“.
  • Your mileage may vary with the DVD burner you have. If you don’t get a good burn from a disc, you may just have to try again. If you’re burning a lot of coasters on a good set of DVD-R’s, you may need to get a new burner. Sony and Lite-On tend to be recommended, and there are cheap $20 dollar internal Lite-On burners still available on Newegg and Amazon. Go with whatever has the highest rating on Newegg and you should be fine (probably, at least for me).
  • The recommended burning software is ImgBurn, mostly because it is free, but it is also reliable. You may use Nero, but I haven’t tried it.
  • The recommended burn speed is 2x. This seems to get the best results.

Step 2: Run GCoS on your GameCube

Assuming you’re using Datel’s SD Media Launcher, put the downloaded GCoS .dol file onto your SD Card. Start up Action Replay with your SD Media Launcher and run GCoS. It should start up GCos:


After it is done loading, it should come to the main menu:


Choose “Boot Game” and you’ll be taken to this menu:


At this point, take out any disc that might be in the GameCube, and put in your burned DVD backup of SD Remix. Close the lid and press “A”. It should show this screen for a while:


Depending on your GameCube, the exact text might be different. After a while, and if you’re lucky, it show this screen:


If so, congratulations! Your disc works! Now all you need to do is press “A” (for auto-detected Region) and GCoS will start loading SD Remix. With any luck, you’ll be playing SD Remix!

However, if you don’t get that page, you will likely get this one:


One issue might be that the disc you burned is simply bad. If this is the case, you can go back to Step 1 and try again. If keeps giving you coasters, try using a different way to burn your disc, such as using a different DVD burner or going down to 1x speed.

If you still continue to have problems, the problem may lie with your GameCube’s laser, and it might not be able to read burnt discs. If this is the problem, you can either try an alternative GameCube method, or try troubleshooting the laser.

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