SD Remix 3.3

Based on 3.2.1, so all credits from 3.2.1 also apply to 3.3

3.3 Full & Slippi Versions Programmer



Tools: Melee Code Manager, DAT Texture Manager [DGRN]
QA/Testing [sdremix_troubleshooter & Discord group, Snover, nytcrawler]

New Codes

Transparent Stage Striking [Sham Rock, Achilles]
Random Stage setting for alpha/omega, and can be changed with holding L or R [_glook]
Updated 1.00 hitlag code to latest. [rice, Magus420]
Get rid of special messages [Achilles]
Dolphin no longer complains when entering sdr options menu [_glook]
UCF 0.73 [Dan Salvato]
CSS Hands Default to HMN Button [Achilles]
Disable Rumble When Controller is Unplugged [Dan Salvato]
L+R+A+START to Pause Game when Pause is Disabled [Achilles]
Rumble when character is selected [Dan Salvato]
DPad Down at CSS for Random Stage [Achilles]
Fix alpha/omega stage list for Random stage from CSS (as opposed to SSS) [_glook]
DPad Left at CSS goes to rumble options screen [Achilles]
DPad Right at CSS goes to debug menu [_glook]
Hide Nametag When Invisible [????]
Box Glitch Fix [tauKhan]
Update TopN Location In ECB Calculation [tauKhan]
Break the Targets Intangibility Glitch Fix [UnclePunch]
Fix Samus Extender Crash [UnclePunch]
Freeze glitch fix [tauKhan]
Invisible ceiling glitch fix [tauKhan]
Updated Dynamic Lagless FoD to latest actually working version [Achilles, Myougi, Dan Salvato, _glook]
“RANDOM” is Default Highlighted on Stage Select Screen [Jorgams]
CSS Banner color change should work on Dolphin [Dan Salvato, _glook]
Display Custom Text in stock mode when using options preset [UnclePunch, _glook]
Always Skip the Result Screen, and Star Count = Placement [Sham Rock]
Fix broken random stage unlock and score display [_glook]
Music Plays at 20% Volume When All Controllers Are Idle For 1 Minute [UnclePunch]
CSS Color customization, including rules frame changing based on preset [UnclePunch]
Extend presets, and update colors and rules text, and refactor code to update colors and text [_glook]
20XX Neutral Spawns [Achilles, Jorgasms]
L Cancel % in Results Screen (revised 2/11/15) [Wooggle]
Fix percents not breaking ties in tournament overtime [_glook]
Per controller tap jump [flieskiller, achilles]
Add cstick to jump cancel upsmash [Achilles]
Add extended short hop window [tauKhan]
X/Y dedicated short hop buttons [UnclePunch]
Charge with c-stick [UnclePunch]
Shield drop with dpad down [UnclePunch]
Wavedash out of jumpsquat [UnclePunch]
Disable KO Stars [Dan Salvato]
Throw Bug Fix v2 [Achilles]
When over 75%, each 2 additional percents make meteor cancel 1 frame later [flieskiller]
Adds Grab Infinite Removal v3 toggle [_glook, Punkline]
Auto L-Cancel added [Dan Salvato]
Reverse Aerial Rush [Achilles]
DACUS [tatata]
Brawl-style B Reverse [UnclePunch]
Add L = Brawl Airdodge [UnclePunch]
Grab Items With Airdodge [UnclePunch]
Up+B Ledge Grab Buffs for Ness, Zelda, and Mewtwo [rmn]
Perfect Shield ala Smash Ultimate [UnclePunch]
Tech Grabs [Punkline]
CStick can be use to dash attack [UnclePunch]
Smash Attacks Out of Dash [UnclePunch]
Enable retreating glide toss [rmn]
Aerial Glide Toss [rmn]
Reverse Aerial Moves [UnclePunch]
Air Dodge replaced by Air Boost [flieskiller]
Air Grabs v3 [UnclePunch]
Big Head Mode [UnclePunch]
Berserk Mode [UnclePunch]
Superfox [SinsOfApathy]
Giant Melee is One Stock Rotation [UnclePunch]
Super Sudden Death is Chess Mode [Achilles, UnclePunch]
Single Button Mode is Turbo Mode [UnclePunch]
Food appears when items disabled [flieskiller]
Disable Container Spawns [Punkline]
Containers spawn containers [Punkline]
Disable Capsule Explosions [Achilles]
Disable Barrel Explosions [Achilles]
Disable Box Explosions [Achilles]
Fastfall whenever [UnclePunch]
Hold Y for Climber Clone v1.2 [UnclePunch]
Marth – Costume Dependent Marth Sword Swing Colors [Achilles]
Mario and Doc Hold B [UnclePunch]
Mario and Doc Get Jump Back After Down B [UnclePunch]
Luigi Hold B [UnclePunch]
Fully Charged SIde B = Misfire [UnclePunch]
Luigi’s Fireball is influenced by his momentum [UnclePunch]
Peach – FSmash Angles Determine FSmash Type [UnclePunch]
Peach – Infinite Float [Achilles]
Peach – Always Pull Specific Turnip [????]
Bowser can mash for height during aerial upB [rmn]
Bowsers Flame Doesn’t Diminish [UnclePunch]
Yoshi Aerial Neutral B Grab Gives Jump Back [UnclePunch]
Smash 4 Yoshi Up B [UnclePunch]
Press B to Explode Yoshi Egg [UnclePunch]
Skip DK Down B Startup [UnclePunch]
DK Hold B for Down B [UnclePunch]
Captain Falcon/Ganondorf – Can Grab Ledge on Side-B [UnclePunch]
Captain Falcon – Raptor Boost Enters “Fall” Action [Achilles]
Aerial Raptor Boost Popup + Midair Control [UnclePunch]
Walljump Out of Falcon Side B [UnclePunch]
Walljump Out of Falcon Up B [UnclePunch]
Ganon Float v1.0 [UnclePunch]
Fox/Falco Hold B [UnclePunch]
Invisible Firefox [UnclePunch]
Mash Firefox to Increase Length [UnclePunch]
Falco Side-B Walljump [UnclePunch]
Falco Up-B Walljump [UnclePunch]
Fox/Falco – Fall Instead of FallSpecial after Side-B [Achilles]
Ness Can Up B Once After Hitting a Wall [UnclePunch]
IC Hold B [UnclePunch]
ICies – Solo Popo Up-B Gives Increased Vertical Velocity [Achilles]
Nana is always Lvl 9 (1.02) [Achilles]
Nana Respawns after 20 Seconds [UnclePunch]
Nana and Popo Can Share Ledge [UnclePunch]
Nana direction update bug fix (ICs can Dashdance together etc.) (NTSC 1.02) [tauKhan]
Kirby Throws retain one mid air jump [The Cape]
Kirby Uses Non-Special Dash Attack [UnclePunch]
Kirbys Taunt Without Ability Gives Random Ability v1.1 [UnclePunch]
Samus Keeps Charge Shot When Hit During Up B (Fixed) [UnclePunch]
Samus – Always Full Charge Shot [Achilles]
Aim Charge Shot [UnclePunch]
Samus Shoots Random Item [UnclePunch]
Instant Zelda/Shiek Transform [UnclePunch]
Link’s Shield Reflects [UnclePunch]
Link Shield Always Active [UnclePunch]
Mewtwo Can Actually Reflect Stuff [UnclePunch]
Confusion works like a normal throw [UnclePunch, jjhoho]
Mewtwo Float [UnclePunch]
GaW Hold B [UnclePunch]
GaW Bucket Fill Amount Based on Damage of Projectile [UnclePunch]
Memory Card Variables [Punkline]
Save and Load SDR Options to memory card [_glook]

SD Remix 3.2.1

Project Creator


Project Director


Battle Planner

DruggedFox (assistance)

File Hacking/Organizing


Project Programmer

_glook (also, SD Remix Lite programmer)





Logo Design



Tools And Most Guides [DGRN]
Consultant [Myougi, Cell]
Menu Hacking Guide [Jorgasms]
Dolphin Support [RoyalSyrup]
Stage Icon Offsets [Steelia]
Baseline Melee Research [wparam]


1.00 to 1.02 Code Conversions [Achilles1515, _glook]
Luigi Cyclone Code [Achilles1515]
Leaving Debug Menu Loads CSS [Achilles1515]
Unbounded Pause Camera [Achilles1515]
All Events Unlocked [Achilles1515]
Every Player Controls Debug Menu [Achilles1515]
Platform Colors [Achilles1515]
Force Results Screen Exit [Achilles1515]
Infinite Shields [Achilles1515]
Disable Tap Jump [Achilles1515]
Random Hitbox Elements [Achilles1515]
Pokeball Rain [Achilles1515]
Long Name Box Fix [Achilles1515]
L+R+A+Start on Stage Load to CSS [Achilles1515]
Disable Stage Preview [Achilles1515]
Stage Striking [Dan Salvato]
Change Banner Color [Dan Salvato]
A+B Salty Runback [Dan Salvato]
X+Y Disables Start [Dan Salvato]
Longer Nametags [Dan Salvato]
Lowercase Names [Dan Salvato]
Custom Debug Submenus [Dan Salvato]
Widescreen Support [Dan Salvato]
SDR Options Menu [_glook]
Unlock Score Display [_glook]
Ledge Invincibility Attrition [_glook]
Wall Bracing [_glook]
Capped Points Mode [_glook]
Bomb Rain [_glook]
Alpha/Omega Stage Toggle [_glook]
Frame Speed Modifier [Magus]
Change color on SSS [ShamRock]
Disable Trophies Code [wparam]
Disabling Name Tag Reset [Ato, Todd Bonney]

Specific Stages:

Mount Olympus [Achilles1515]
Cranky’s Tree House [Achilles1515]
Jungle Japes No Water no Klaptrap [flieskiller, Achilles1515]
Whispy’s Battle Grounds [Milun, Achilles1515]
Final Destination Disable Transitions [Achilles1515]
Peach’s Flat [Myougi]
Skyrule [Myougi]
Fourside Smashville [Myougi]
High Tide at Great Bay [Milun]
Yoshi’s Island N64 [Milun]
Kongo Jungle [Milun]
Yoshi’s Island [Milun]
Mushroom Kingdom [Milun]
No Kraid Brinstar Depths [Milun]
Big Blue [Milun]
Mushroom Kingdom 2 [Milun]
Frozen Peach’s Castle [Zauron]
No Platforms FoD [Zauron]
Frozen Corneria [Zauron]
Frozen Green Greens [flieskiller, Zauron]
Frozen Brinstar [Zauron]
Frozen Dreamland N64 [Zauron]
No Flyguys Yoshi’s Story [Zauron]
Frozen Pokemon Stadium [Zauron]
No Cars Mute City [flieskiller]
Frozen Onett [flieskiller]
No barrel DK64 [flieskiller]
MK2: No Birdo or Pidgit [flieskiller]
Handicap Stock Control [Jorgasms]
Crew Battle Mode [Jorgasms]