Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch was one of the first characters to ever grace handheld video games, making him quite an old-timer. Age is but a number of course, for this 2D shape-shifting master has never been better!

Mr. Game & Watch is a powerhouse that commands the skies with his superior aerial mobility and painful attacks. His shield size has increased drastically, covering his body at all angles, and his dash dance length is slightly increased. Volatile and dangerous at all times, opponents must ensure his defeat by knocking him off-stage and leaving him there!
Well, there’s no point beating around the bush, right? There are quite a number of significant changes…
Forward Air comes out faster now, by two frames in fact.
No, the picture does not do the move justice. At all. *laughs*
Down Air’s landing hitbox pops opponents up.
Yes, just like that! Try grabbing them afterward!
Quite useful, isn’t it?
Did I mention you can L-Cancel all of his air moves now? 
Naturally, Neutral Air, Back Air, and Up Air have all become stronger from this change. Try those moves out sometime!
Especially Back Air! 

<Standard Special Move: Chef>

Next, Mr. Game & Watch will showcase his world famous culinary skills.

 Did you know this move now cancels its animation upon landing?
Combine land-cancelling with rapid fire, and we may have a situation gone out of control!
In one short hop, you can fire up to three sausages in the given time.
Plus, Mr. Game & Watch keeps his frying pan by his side for a single frame, covering himself from sloppy counterattacks!
As you can see, Chef is an excellent way to cover yourself to go for the offensive.
Chef is arguably a great tool to protect the skies from outer space animal critters too.
<Side Special Move: Judgment>
Mr. Game & Watch’s Side Special: Judgment has received quite a number of changes as well. Shall we go over them?
9. This is unchanged. You all know what it does.
It’s worth mentioning that numbers 1 and 6 are also unchanged.
 2. Your opponent grows a damaging Lip’s Stick flower on his or her head.
3. Your opponent recoils and launches behind you. They suffer shield damage if they block it.
4. Your opponent takes 4% and flies off-stage. Scary.
5. Your opponent launches upward. Maybe you can combo after it?
 7. You become inspired by Marth’s Falchion sword, but can only replicate the hilt’s properties.
8. Your opponent takes 16% and must wiggle the stick back and forth to escape! Hurry!
Depending on your opponent’s circumstances, being encased in ice while off-stage might spell doom.

Complete changelist

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