Slippi Rollback Compatible

Based on 3.3 Full.

SDR Options Menu is removed, both for compatibility reasons and because we can’t sync them.

Slippi’s stage selection now are Omega neutral and counterpick stages (bottom two rows).

Unranked mode is disabled because mods of Melee are not supported by Slippi. A link to the SD Remix chat room on Anther’s Ladder is shown instead.

Game Code changed to GALE01 to be compatible with Slippi.

7 comments on “Slippi Rollback Compatible

    • I personally would like to see more of the “Omega” stages available, though I do like some of the transformations in Pokemon Stadium as well. I think if the no-transformation version is put into it, the original should still be available as well to use as a counterpick. That being said, the new Green Greens is pretty similar to the default PS.


  1. I think you should create however layouts you intend to be the stage list for competitive play, then take all the stages in Melee and make them skins for those layouts.

    This way every stage gets seen and the stage list remains a good size.


    • You might have to press “L” and then press “R” again to get back. As far as I can tell, you don’t need to hold “L” to get the alt music, only that you press it at some point. We’ll probably address this issue in the next version.


  2. I think the entire top of hyrule would be great put a block in the middle of the drop for short ledge aerials and remove the platforms on the far right, and add a platform in the middle positioned enough to wavedash all the way down to the right side


  3. Anywhere I can download these stages so I can use them in the newest build of 20xx? I really want Princess Peach’s Flat. I looked eveywhere in smashboards and brawlvault and cant find it.


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