Stage Select Changes

  • There are now two pages to the stage select screen, an Alpha page and an Omega page. This allows for 29 more stage slots.
  • The default page is the Omega page.
  • To get to the Omega page from the Alpha page, press “R”. To get to the Alpha page from the Omega page, press “L”.
  • Each page has altered graphics to show the player which page they are on.
  • Each page has a separate Random Stage Select list, which can be changed in the usual place. The default list is the Omega list and is accessed by going into the menu as normal, and the Alpha stage list is accessed by holding “L” while going into the menu.
  • Pressing “Start” to select a random stage selects a random stage from the current page. Highlighting “Random” and pressing “A” selects a random stage from either page.
  • If a random stage is selected, a siren plays if it is loading the Omega version and a chime sound is played is it is loading the Alpha version. This is useful for knowing which version of the stage is loading if pressing “A” on “Random”.
  • The default omega random stages are Princess Peach’s Flat, Kongo Jungle, Jungle Japes, Great Bay, Temple (Skyrule), Brinstar, Yoshi’s N64, Yoshi’s Island, Fountain of Dreams, Green Greens, Kongo Jungle N64, Cranky’s Treehouse, Mute City, Big Blue, Fourside, Mushroom Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom II, Battlefield, Final Destination, Dreamland N64, Yoshi’s Story, Pokemon Stadium.
  • The default alpha stages are Fountain of Dreams, Battlefield, Whispy’s Battlegrounds, Dreamland N64, Yoshi’s Story, Pokemon Stadium.

Alpha Stages

Icicle Mountain
Normal Melee Icicle Mountain
Princess Peach’s Castle
Normal Melee Princess Peach’s Castle
Rainbow Cruise
Normal Melee Rainbow Cruise
Kongo Jungle
Normal Melee Kongo Jungle
Jungle Japes
Normal Melee Jungle Japes
Great Bay
Normal Melee Great Bay
Hyrule Temple
Normal Melee Hyrule Temple
Yoshi’s Island N64
Normal Melee Yoshi’s Island N64 (moved to new spot so neutrals are all at the bottom row)
Yoshi’s Island
Normal Melee Yoshi’s Island
Fountain of Dreams
Mostly Normal Melee Fountain of Dreams except that if four players are selected, the laggy background elements are all disabled so that it is playable during doubles. What it looks like with four players:
Green Greens
Normal Melee Green Greens
Normal Melee Corneria
Normal Melee Venom
Mount Olympus
This is the “Snag The Trophies” bonus stage during Classic Mode
Normal Melee Brinstar
Brinstar Depths
Normal Melee Brinstar Depths
Normal Melee Onett
Normal Melee Fourside
Mute City
Normal Melee Mute City
Big Blue
Normal Melee Big Blue
Kongo Jungle N64
Normal Melee Kongo Jungle N64 (moved to new spot so neutrals are all at the bottom row)
Normal Melee Pokéfloats
Mushroom Kingdom
Normal Melee Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom II
Normal Melee Mushroom Kingdom II
Reversed Battlefield

This is Melee Battlefield except with the platform heights reversed.
Whispy’s Battle Grounds

This is an altered version of Green Greens, similar in build to Pokémon Stadium.

  • All stage hazards removed
  • The two stage gaps removed that used to hold stage hazard blocks
  • Two platforms are situated in a similar fashion to Pokémon Stadium
  • Whispy Woods no longer blows wind on characters
  • Slants on ledges removed
Dream Land N64
Normal Melee Dream Land N64
Yoshi’s Story
Normal Melee Yoshi’s Story (moved to new location so that all neutrals are at the bottom)
Pokémon Stadium
Normal Melee Pokémon Stadium (moved to new location so that all neutrals are at the bottom)

Omega Stages

Flat Zone
Normal Melee Flat Zone (Moved to make space for Mount Olympus)
Omega Princess Peach’s Castle
  • Bullet bill removed
  • Switches removed
Princess Peach’s Flat

A flat version of Peach’s Castle

  • Spire in the middle removed
  • Bullet bill removed
  • Switches removed
Omega Kongo Jungle
  • Barrel removed
  • Klap trap removed
  • Logs removed
  • Rock removed
Omega Jungle Japes
  • Klaptrap removed
  • Water physics disabled
High Tide at Great Bay

A flat version of Great Bay

  • Left platform removed
  • Main platform lowered to right platform height

Modified version of top left portion of Hyrule Temple

  • Most of stage removed except for top left portion
  • Platform below inaccessible due to rocks placed there
  • Slight wall above lower platform removed
Omega Yoshi’s Island N64

Turned into a neutral/counterpick stage with the removal of some stage elements.

  • Cloud platforms removed
  • Top platform removed
  • Remaining platforms reposition to be symmetrical
Omega Yoshi’s Island

A more competitive version of Yoshi’s Island.

  • Walkoff and right side of stage removed
  • Normal spinning block removed
  • Spinning blocks placed on the right side of stage
Omega Fountain of Dreams
  • Side moving platforms removed
Omega Green Greens
  • Blocks removed
  • Whispy no longer blows wind
  • Apples removed
Omega Corneria
  • Arwings Removed
  • Great Fox gun disabled
Warzone Corneria
The crazy version of Corneria in adventure mode

  • Many more Arwings and lazers
  • Great Fox guns shoots more often
Omega Mount Olympus

A version of the snag the trophies stage that’s more competitive

  • Ledges are grabbable
  • Middle platform removed
  • Top platform added
  • Side humps removed
Omega Brinstar
  • Lava disabled
Omega Brinstar Depths
  • Kraid removed
  • Stage no longer rotates
Omega Onett
  • Cars removed
  • Drugstore platforms removed
Smashville Fourside

Turned into a neutral stage, similar to Smashville in Brawl.

  • Only one building (the Monotoli building) remains. It is a large width, similar to Battlefield or Final Destination
  • A single platform exists above the building. It is held up by a crane and moves vertically and horizontally
Omega Mute City
  • Cars removed
Omega Big Blue

A more competitive version of Big Blue.

  • All cars removed except for the first one, and it doesn’t go away
Omega Kongo Jungle N64
  • Barrel Removed
Cranky’s Treehouse

A simplified version of Jungle Japes

  • Water removed
  • Klaptrap removed
  • Side platforms removed
  • Floor cannot be jumped through
  • More solid ledges
Omega Mushroom Kingdom

A simplified version of Mushroom Kingdoms

  • Side floors removed
  • Pulleys lowered
  • All blocks except for two groups removed
Omega Mushroom Kingdom II

A simplified version of Mushroom Kingdoms II

  • Side floors removed
  • Birdo disabled
  • Pidgit disabled
  • Middle platform significantly lengthened
Normal Melee Battlefield
Final Destination
Normal Melee Final Destination except no more background transitions (disables screen rumble)
Omega Dream Land N64
  • Whispy Woods no longer blows wind
Omega Yoshi’s Story
  • Flyguys removed
Omega Pokémon Stadium
  • No longer has transformations

7 comments on “Stages

    • I personally would like to see more of the “Omega” stages available, though I do like some of the transformations in Pokemon Stadium as well. I think if the no-transformation version is put into it, the original should still be available as well to use as a counterpick. That being said, the new Green Greens is pretty similar to the default PS.


  1. I think you should create however layouts you intend to be the stage list for competitive play, then take all the stages in Melee and make them skins for those layouts.

    This way every stage gets seen and the stage list remains a good size.


    • You might have to press “L” and then press “R” again to get back. As far as I can tell, you don’t need to hold “L” to get the alt music, only that you press it at some point. We’ll probably address this issue in the next version.


  2. I think the entire top of hyrule would be great put a block in the middle of the drop for short ledge aerials and remove the platforms on the far right, and add a platform in the middle positioned enough to wavedash all the way down to the right side


  3. Anywhere I can download these stages so I can use them in the newest build of 20xx? I really want Princess Peach’s Flat. I looked eveywhere in smashboards and brawlvault and cant find it.


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