General Changes

Visual/Menu Changes

  • New disc banner
  • Name changed to SD Remix 3.2
  • GameID is SDRE32, with version number set to 2. This is particularly useful for Netplay.
  • Changed “Tournament Mode” to “SDR Options” and “A tournament for 64 players” to “Settings for SD Remix”
  • New SD Remix-tailored title screen
  • Character select screen has different coloration and “MELEE” on top left changed to “SD REMIX”

Settings Changes

  • Score display unlocked
  • Default Item Frequency changed to ‘Off’
  • Rumble by default is set to “Off” for all players
  • Default rules are 4-stock, 8 minutes, and friendly fire ON.
  • All characters unlocked by default.
  • Random Stage Select is unlocked by default.
  • All stages unlocked by default.
  • Score Display enabled by default for timed matches
  • All Events Unlocked

New Features

  • C-Stick in single player modes performs smash attacks instead of controlling the camera [by wParam]
  • C-Stick in Debug’s Develop Mode no longer toggles camera [by Achilles]
  • Name tag no longer resets on port close and CSS exit [by Ato and Todd Bonney]
  • Camera bounds during pause greatly extended [by Achilles]
  • Holding A+B on game end does salty runback (restarts the same match) [by Dan Salvato]
  • X + Y disables Start during gameplay (helps recalibrate joysticks) [by Dan Salvato]
  • Tags can be 8 characters. Lowercase letters can be toggled with the “X” button. [by Dan Salvato]
  • Pressing L+R+A+Start during stage load goes back to character select screen instead of the main menu. [by Achilles]
  • Stage Striking: At stage select screen, press X to strike currently selected stage, Z to unstrike all stages, and Y to strike all but the stages in “Random Stages” [by Dan Salvato]
  • The “Ready To Fight” banner changes color depending on which options in the “SDR Options” menu are enabled. [by Dan Salvato]

New Options Menu

Tournament Mode is replaced with the SDR Options menu.


  • General Options:
    • Widescreen: Toggles widescreen mode for 16:9 aspect screens (works best with progressive scan) [by Dan Salvato]
    • Hold Start Exit Results: Holding the start button on the results screen forces everyone to ready, forcing going to the character select screen [by Achilles]
    • Stock platform colors: During 4 stock matches, respawn platform colors change depending on the number of stocks remaining [by Achilles]
  • Toggles: Has three different states, and changes the options depending on which one is selected
    • Disabled: This disables the “Melee+ Toggles” and “Other Toggles” menus and disables all of the options within them. The “Ready To Fight” banner is set to the color “Yellow” to indicate this state.
    • Enabled: This enables the “Melee+ Toggles” and “Other Toggles” menus and allows the player to enable each of the options within those menus individually. The “Ready to Fight” banner is set to the color “Green” to indicate this state.
    • Only Melee+ Enabled: This disables the “Melee+ Toggles” and “Other Toggles” menus. It changes the text for the “Melee+ Toggles” menu to “Melee+ Enabled” to indicate this state. All options in the “Other Toggles” menu are disabled, and all the options in “Melee+” are enabled. The “Ready to Fight” banner is set to the color “Magenta” to indicate this state.
  • Melee+ Toggles
    • Handicap: By default, it is set to “Damage Ratio”, which makes the Handicap option behave normally. If it is set ot “Stock/Crew”, it controls the number of stocks a player has during stock matches. During this state, if Handicap is set to auto, it will automatically set the winner of the last match’s stock count to however many they had left and set the loser’s stock count to four.
    • Overtime: By default, it is set to “Normal” which make Sudden Death behave normally. If set to “Tournament”, any ties at the end of a match are broken by percentage. If percentage is tied as well, the 1st place players go into sudden death, but with percentage set to 0%, bomb rain disabled, and the timer set to 3 minutes. If tied at the end of sudden death, it goes into another sudden death.
    • Ledge Invincibility: By default, it is set to “Normal”, which makes ledge invincibility behave normally. If set to “Dynamic”, ledge invincibility behaves similarly to shields: when the ledge is grabbed, it reduces the amount of invincibility time for the next ledge grab. This invincibility recovers over time, like shields. This is designed to combat infinite ledge stalling.
    • Wall Bracing: By default, this is “Disabled”. If it is set to “Enabled”, a player going into a wall can hold left or right to brace the next grounded (aka non-launching) attack, so that their feet leave the ground. The idea is similar to crouch cancelling and this is designed to combat wall infinites.
    • Capped Points: By default, this is set to “Disabled”. If “Enabled”, this uses the “Stock Match Time Limit” as a “limit number” (if the time limit is None, it behaves exactly as if you’d Disabled Capped Points entirely). During a timed match, if someone’s number of points reach the limit, the match ends and they win. In coin battle, whoever reaches limit number times 100 in coins ends the match and they win.
  • Other Toggles:
    • Shields: Defaults to “Normal”. If set to “Infinite”, shields do not deplete.
    • Tap Jump: Defaults to “Enabled”. If set to “Disabled”, all players can no longer jump with the control stick.
    • Always Rain Bombs: Defaults to “Disabled”. If “Enabled”, it rains bombs, like in Sudden Death. If set to “Pokeballs”, it rains Pokeballs instead.
    • Random Hitbox Element: Defaults to “Disabled”. If “Enabled”, this makes all non-projectile hits have a random element. It basically enables “Mayhem Mode”.
  • Credits: The credits for SD Remix 3.2.
  • Debug Mode: This is a parsed down version of the old Debug Menu. It’s got Dairantou, rule select, Global Data Edit, DBLevel (so you can turn on hitboxes and frame by frame among other things), and Publicity on/off).

Gameplay Changes

  • Taunts can be ledge cancelled (mostly helps Kirby safely get rid of powers).

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