Ice Climbers

As you may have discerned, the Ice Climbers come from the game Ice Climber. I’m still not quite sure what the relationship between these two is, but they seem to be happy with one another!

They certainly have some large hammers!
In fact, that is the primary and, technically, sole change Ice Climbers have received in SD Remix. The hitboxes on their hammers are larger. Yeah, that’s it. There’s a video too if you can’t believe it!

The hitbox encompasses near the entirety of the hammer’s head.
That includes Nana’s hammer as well.
Naturally, this allows you to space your moves better.
Or maybe use them as anti-airs every now and then.
Remember, safety first! Hit your opponent and ask questions later!
Even Smash attacks receive the range adjustments!
The exciting part is having increased range on air attacks.
Hang in there, Luigi!
Actually, Popo’s Forward Air attack is a little different.

If you hit with the sweetspot inside Popo’s hammerhead, you can Meteor Smash opponents. Sound similar? Yes, you can do just that in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but now that Meteor Smash also works on grounded opponents. Bounce them up into the air and show them some hurt!

<Side Special Move: Squall Hammer>
Their Side Special move doesn’t get a range increase though. Sorry!

Complete Changelist

2 comments on “Ice Climbers

  1. I main ICs in melee and have studied them more then reasonable. Interesting changes in SD Remix. Range increases and frame data enhancements definitely help the ICs hold their own with the other buffed SD characters. But honestly it’s not where I would have gone with the Climbers. Though they do pretty much remain true to their melee counterparts, so kudos. Though, the only moves I really think deserved a buff are nair and dair. Now dair actually provides somewhat of a threat as a combo breaker/ insta-option and nair can probably be used in many other utilities since it won’t trade/lose with everything. The only moves really used for out-ranging in ICs arsenal are bair, blizzard, fsmash, and especially ftilt. So if buffing their range is what you were aiming at, then really ftilt and bair should be the ones you focus on, not every single one of the moves. I’m not really complaining about the all-around range boost, I would have just gone another route in buffing them (while still maintaining their melee-essence). IC’s are special because their are two of them and they do cool shit when they’re together. Some characters (like fox, peach, marth, falcon, especially fox) easily EASILY take away that specialty of ICs by killing off Nana (in a widely linear fashion.) What would fix the linear exchange of outing-Nana and deteriorating ICs to a simple Popo? Give Nana a decent recovery. Have her side-b onstage, or maybe spotdodge. I don’t really care which, maybe both. Whatever seems fair, but a simple double jump recovery like in Melee isn’t really fair.

    IC’s raw power is a decent part of what they are in Melee, but their essence IMO is more embedded in their quality of dual characters, which can too quickly be stripped down in Melee. Adding to their power in SD is fine, but I’d much prefer their dual form to have more endurance or sustainability. Perhaps when Nana dies Popo could receive range/frame buffs to his moves. That way raw power increases only when the dual nature of ICs goes away. That would be an interesting mechanic that I think reflect the melee counterpart well.

    This last idea is a bit superfluous and perhaps OP, but it just sounds so epic to me. Nana dies. If Sopo can manage to taunt 3 times without interruption, Nana comes back to life! There are a few ways to go about balancing this: extend Popo’s taunt length, Nana revives with the same damage she dies at, Popo needs to taunt more then 3 times. Anyways, this one really isn’t in the melee spirit, I just think it would be awesome. Thanks for reading!

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