This is Zelda. She’s the princess of Hyrule. Or was it queen? Well, I suppose that depends on what time period we’re looking at! Even then, it’s very debatable among Hyrule’s historians…
While Zelda is a good deal faster in SD Remix, opponents will tend to overwhelm her. She has stronger offensive and defensive tools to help her even the playing field however…
This Meteor Smash looks powerful!
Light a flame from beneath to send your opponents to the stars!
In Melee, Zelda’s low mobility made her especially struggle against dash-dancing. Careless opponents should watch out for her Standard Aerial move’s landing animation…
Sparks envelope her as she lands! You can combo after this!
Of course, if you anticipate Zelda will use this move, you can simply shield it and grab her out of it. Just be mindful of your spacing.
 Zelda’s Forward and Up Smash attacks have also been fine-tuned to be nearly impossible to escape mid-attack. Explore situations to utilize them for maximum effect!
Resistance is futile, Captain Falcon!
Zelda’s Special moves have received some minor changes too.

<Side Special Move: Din’s Fire>
Din’s Fire sends opponents horizontally, allowing sharp shooters to KO opponents from even a great distance away. It’s a bit difficult to control though.
 Hold B and take aim with the Control Stick; release B to detonate it!
That looked like it hurt…
If the opponent gets sent toward you instead of away, you can follow-up with a Lightning Kick or a Up Aerial attack to finish the job. The move’s recovery is quite long, so be careful of when and where you use it.
You no longer go into a helpless free fall state from using Din’s Fire in the air, so you can alter your recovery trajectory using the move. Helpful huh?
<Up Special Move: Farore’s Wind>

Farore’s Wind has a follow-up fire attack at the end of the animation.

Be one with the wind!
Oops! Watch your step, sir!

Complete changelist

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