Creating an SDR ISO

Step 1: Get Melee 1.02 ISO

Like most other places, it’s generally up to you to get an ISO of Melee 1.02. However, if you have a modified Wii, there are instructions to rip your physical disc of SSBM to an ISO file. Instructions for that can be found here.

If your physical copy is not 1.02 but instead 1.00 or 1.01, instructions on turning that into 1.02 can be found here.

Step 2: Download and Extract SDR Patches

The ISO patches can be found at our download page here.

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, extract the zip file somewhere one your hard drive.

Step 3: Apply the patch

Windows Users

Open up the folder where you extracted the zip file. You will find a file called “Drag Melee ISO To This File”. Click and drag your Melee 1.02 ISO on top of that file. A command line window will open up telling you the progress of the patching. Once it is done, the command line window will show a success message and you’ll have a file called SD_Remix.iso.

Linux/Mac Users

We don’t have any drag and drop scripts for these platforms, so you’ll need to use the command line to apply the xdelta patch.

Make sure you have xdelta 3.0.11. Using that version of xdelta, run the command:

xdelta sdr.xdelta <Melee 1.02 ISO> SD_Remix.iso

Replacing the Melee ISO argument with the path to your Melee 1.02 ISO file.

You’re Done!

You’re now ready to use your ISO. If you don’t know how to use the ISO, visit this page.