Young Link

This is Young Link. It’s the same Link from before, but during his adventures as a child from Kokiri Forest. Full of vigor and youth, he’s got a lot of fancy footwork and mischief!

SD Remix has taken few liberties regarding Young Link’s playstyle. Being one of the few characters to have received no mobility changes, his modifications center around stronger, more flexible swordplay.

He sports speedier jabs. Try for a reset after the second slash!
The tip of Down Tilt will Meteor Smash. Doesn’t this sound familiar?
Of course, all his tilts are a little speedier, so experiment with their new uses! Now, onto smash attacks.
You can connect the second side smash very quickly from the first one!
Yes! Like that!
The combined speed, range, and strength of his side smash should prove useful when you’re in dire need of KOs.
Up Smash start-up is greatly reduced. Try it as a counterattack from your Shield!
Down Smash hits hard at all ranges. Don’t think little of his feet!
 Because honestly! Not even he understands why they’re so strong!
Speaking of strong feet…
His feet are stronger than even the adult Link’s. Strange, huh?
 Back Air is difficult to work with, but mastery of it can lead to sky-high juggles!
 Forward Air is fast. REALLY FAST! Be careful not to hurt anyone!
Although I suppose that goes against the objective of Smash Bros? *laughs*
Ah, I forgot to mention: The strong hit of Forward Air is active for a longer time, but the weak slash still pops opponents up for a potential juggle. Play around with it a bit, won’t you?
Special Moves
<Standard Special Move: Fire Bow>
 Reduced cooldown means you can fire these away at your heart’s content!
 They pop foes upward. Get fired up and try doing a combo!
<Side Special Move: Boomerang>
 Young Link releases the Boomerang at lightning speeds, but it still hurts as much as ever.
What I’m saying is, opponents should play nice if they don’t want to be in a world of hurt. He’s not joking! He’ll use it!
While both Link and Young Link release the Boomerang quicker than before, Young Link’s is definitely the faster of the two. Be on your guard.
<Up Special Move: Spin Attack>
 The hitboxes are bigger. Yeah, that’s it.
Plus, it is nigh inescapable considering the SDI properties of Super Smash Bros. Melee Version 1.00. But don’t tell anyone I said that.

Complete changelist

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