GameCube Installation

Pros and Cons of GameCube installation

  • Pro: It’s the system that Melee is originally played on (many players will have GCNs)
  • Pro: Installation and playing is relatively easy compared to other consoles
  • Pro: Can easily be taken to tournaments and smashfests
  • Pro: Does not require any console modification
  • Con: Requires a homebrew peripheral (at least 20 USD)
  • Con: DVD backups are incompatible with the majority of GCNs due to laser issues
  • Con: SD Card method introduces menu glitches (gameplay is fine, though)

Installation Overview

Step 1: Build the SD Remix ISO

You can make your SD Remix ISO by following our ISO Instructions.

Step 2: Obtain a method of running homebrew

There are many ways to do so, but the recommended way is with the SD Media Launcher. Refer to Running GCN Homebrew for details.

Step 3

From here, there are a couple of different ways you can run SD Remix:

  • DVD Backups (using GCoS): This method involves burning DVD-Rs of SD Remix and playing the burned DVDs on the GameCube using the homebrew app GCoS. This is the preferred method of playing on a GameCube, but most GameCubes will not be compatible with this method, as most GameCubes have gone through so much use that the lasers can no longer read burnt discs. You can try and fix the laser, but that can be pretty risky for your GameCube. To try this method, go over to Running DVD Backups guide.
  • Running off of an SD Card: This method involves putting your ISO on an SD Card (or other storage device) and running it from there using the homebrew Swiss. While the game plays just fine like this, the menus can get a bit glitchy, which is why this isn’t the preferred method. If you can’t get DVD backups to work, though, this method is just fine, as long as you can deal with the menus. To set up this method, go to the SD Card guide.

2 comments on “GameCube Installation

    • I’m not sure how a product like that works, honestly, but I imagine that it isn’t capable of running games and is only capable of storing save files. Also, I want to point out that if this thing were able to play games, that’s technically homebrew anyway because it’s not supported directly by Nintendo. But generally, SD card adapters by themselves don’t work, you’d need something that’s capable of running programs and stuff, like the SD Media Launcher by Datel.


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