Installing SD Remix

There are many ways of playing the full version of SD Remix on a wide variety of gaming platforms. The full version requires you be able to run homebrew on your console, but don’t worry, we go over how to run homebrew in our instructions. If you don’t want to deal with homebrew, you may to try SD Remix Lite, which doesn’t require homebrew.

There may be more ways of playing SD Remix, but the four gaming platforms that we know of are:

Click the platform that you would like to play on for detailed installation instructions.

It should be noted that the only one that currently has good internet play support is the Computer method (via the Dolphin Emulator). For instructions on how to play online with other players, please refer to our Netplay Guide.

Installing SD Remix Lite

A lighter (but still relatively featured) version of SD Remix can also be run off of a memory card. The characters are exactly the same as in the full version of SD Remix. It also contains most of stages and half of the new features. The benefit of using SD Remix Lite is that it doesn’t require running homebrew to play and it can run on unmodified GameCubes and Wiis, as long as you have the memory card with SD Remix Lite installed and a copy of SSBM.

For full instructions on using SD Remix Lite, go to the SD Remix Lite installation page.

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