SD Remix ISO

The ISO tends to be more fully featured, so if you have the hardware and time, we recommend playing the ISO version. Instructions for them can be found at the SD Remix ISO Instructions page.

SD Remix Lite

A lighter (but still relatively featured) version of SD Remix can also be run off of a memory card. The characters are exactly the same as in the full version of SD Remix. It also contains most of stages and a small set of other features. The benefit of using SD Remix Lite is that it doesn’t require running homebrew to play and it can run on unmodified GameCubes and Wiis, as long as you have the memory card with SD Remix Lite installed and a copy of SSBM.

For full instructions on using SD Remix Lite, go to the SD Remix Lite installation page.

Playing Online

It’s possible to play SD Remix with others online. It requires a computer, so it can’t be done on console.

We highly recommend playing with rollback enabled, as it eliminates lag spikes and input delay. Instructions for rollback can be found at the Rollback Netplay Guide.

However, if for whatever reason you want to play the full version of SD Remix, you can also do that as well. Go to the Non-Rollback Netplay Guide for more info.

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