3.2.1 Netplay Version: Beta Release

For the past month, we’ve been working on a new Netplay focused build based off of 3.2.1, that updates the codes to the latest versions found in the Melee hacking community and also fix bugbears, like reorganizing the stage list (including restoring alpha to the stock Melee stage list) and implementing saving SDR Options to the memory card.

Or at least, that’s what it started off as. We ended up adding a massive ton of codes to the SDR Options menu, and included some Melee bug fixes, like fixing falling through Pokemon Stadium and the Freeze Glitch.

Check out the beta here at our github: https://github.com/underscoreglook/SD-Remix/releases/tag/normal-netplay-code-complete

PS: For those curious, we do have a proof of concept of SD Remix working with the new rollback code, but matchmaking doesn’t work. It also doesn’t have any of the stages or anything, so it’s still rough. You can find the proof of concept on our github, but if you try it out, please don’t queue into Unranked, otherwise you will both end up desynced, and cause issues.

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