What is SD Remix?
SD Remix is a Super Smash Bros. Melee hack, based off of the v1.0 version of the game, designed to better balance the game through only character buffs. SD Remix intends to improve the weaker characters to viable levels by:
– Addressing their crippling weaknesses
– Providing them stronger offensive and defensive options in line with the stronger cast members
– Maintaining each character’s archetype and niche.

Donkey Kong’s hurtboxes in Melee are…eh…well, BAD.


The SD Remix hurtboxes. That looks better!

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  1. You are supposed to use the advantages and disadvantages of the game as it is and be the best. If you never pass over the pools then, this could be an option for you


    • v1.00 has certain aspects that are advantageous to low tier characters. The hitstun behavior for hits that deal less that 1% is a big one, as the behavior in v1.02 makes Samus and Young Link’s Up+Bs useless (so much so that many Samus mains carry around a copy of v1.00). There’s also other character specific things like Ness’s Up+B disappearing in v1.02 when hit, which makes it a little less safe (admittedly it’s situational, but still nice to have), Bowser’s flame cancel, etc. So in general, v1.00 is better for low tiers, so it was a natural place to start when trying to balance Melee.


      • Without going into the technical details, essentially yes. No matter what version of NTSC Melee you start with, it’ll all end up as the exact same copy of SD Remix.


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