Current Version: 3.3, 3.2.1

For full instructions on playing SD Remix, go to the Installation Instructions.
For help, please visit the official Smashboards thread.

ISO Patches

These are meant to be played on PC and modified consoles.
These patches turn a Melee ISO into an SD Remix one for use with Dolphin or modified consoles.

Contains the full experience, so if you have the hardware required, this one is recommended.

SD Remix ISO Patch downloads can be found at this link.

SD Remix Lite

This is meant to be played on unmodified consoles.
SD Remix Lite is a modified SSBM save file that contains an exploit that, when triggered, enables the SD Remix experience, like character balance changes, custom stages, and new features.

Because of space constraints on memory cards, the core change (such as character changes) and a limited set of secondary features are present. It is much easier to use, as it doesn’t require any hardware modifications (getting it is simply a matter of copying the save file of someone who has it to your memory card).

SD Remix Lite downloads can be found at this link.

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