Wii Installation

Benefits of Wii Installation

Playing SD Remix on the Wii is the most recommended way of playing SD Remix, for several reasons:

  • It can easily be taken to smashfests and tournaments, which the PC/Dolphin method can’t
  • It can be played with no lag on CRTs like Melee (insofar as we use Melee on a CRT as a baseline for “no lag”), as opposed to Dolphin which must be played on a computer which is usually on a computer monitor, or the WiiU method which introduces emulation lag
  • Wii’s hardware is still relatively new and is therefore more reliable, which can be a problem with GameCube’s laser causing issues for reading DVD Backups.
  • Running homebrew doesn’t required buying anything new, as long as you have the right SD Card or USB storage device (the cheapest GameCube hacking tool is 20 USD).

That being said, there are benefits to other methods because:

  • It’s actually easier to get it running on a GameCube because the Gamecube methods don’t modify the system at all (though it does cost money to get a homebrew device).
  • It doesn’t support netplay, which Dolphin does.
  • There are some Wii’s out there that don’t have Gamecube support or Gamecube controller ports.

Installation Overview

To install SD Remix on your Wii:

  1. You must first have a Wii with the ability to play GameCube games.
  2. Secondly, you must have the Homebrew Channel installed. If you don’t please go to the Homebrew Channel installation guide.
  3. From here, there are a few ways to get SD Remix to play on your Wii. Three are discussed on this site, which are:
    • The Nintendont method – This is the most recommended method, as you don’t need to install any additional software onto your Wii. You just need the Homebrew Channel, Nintendont, and SD Remix. It also can play both SD Remix ISOs (built using ISO Hacking, and can give faster loading times) and the files from the DIOS MIOS method, too. To use this method, head over to the Nintendont guide.
    • The DIOS MIOS method – This method takes longer and has more steps due to needing to install additional software. It also doesn’t play ISOs. It also alters the Wii’s GameCube software (though it functions the same as before). If you don’t want to use Nintendont, though, this is the next recommended method. To use this method, head over to the DIOS MIOS guide.
    • DVD Backups on Wii – This is the least recommended method. The software is not particularly easy to find. It requires you to burn mini-DVDs and have a DVD burner, which is an additional cost. It alters the Wii’s GameCube software. It also has not been tested by any of us. If you still would like to try it, there’s a brief overview at the DVD Backups guide.

2 comments on “Wii Installation

    • You see the text that’s darker than the rest? Those are links, and you can click on them to open up new pages :). Click on them to go to the page specified.

      Personally, among the methods listed here, I recommend using the Nintendont method, as it’s easier. Make sure to click on the link to get instructions on how to install it using the Nintendont method :).


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