SD Remix Lite Instructions

SD Remix Lite is a version of SD Remix that can be run off of a memory card. It contains all of the same character changes in the full version of SD Remix, but it contains a subset of the remaining features.

Note: Dolphin is NOT supported by SD Remix Lite. Dolphin can already easily play the full version of SD Remix, and Dolphin also has code caching issues that get in the way of various mods, unless they are specifically coded for Dolphin. SD Remix LIte was optimized for real consoles, since consoles are the ones that need something like this.

Installing SD Remix Lite onto your memory card

Before you get started, be aware that SD Remix Lite overwrites your existing SSBM save file. If you want to keep your SSBM save file, you can either back it up (explained in the sub pages), or you can get a cheap spare memory card from Amazon. The KMD 4MB memory card seems to work well and is cheap.

There are a few different ways to get SD Remix Lite onto your memory card:

Playing SD Remix Lite

Once you have SD Remix Lite on your memory card, follow these instructions to turn SD Remix Lite on (this is similar to how Project M/Plus needs the stage builder).

5 comments on “SD Remix Lite Instructions

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  4. Would mention that SDR Lite is also not compatible with Nintendont i.e. you will HAVE to use DIOS MIOS or similar.

    But if you even have ND or DM you’re better off with the Full version anyway.


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