Well, here’s an old face. Pichu is one of the first baby Pokémon discovered in Johto. It’s not quite in-control of its electric powers yet, so Pichu can be a tad unpredictable at times.

Well, that’s putting it lightly.
Legend has it that Pichu trained on Icicle Mountain for well over a decade, honing his skills to battle for survival in the ever harsh reality that is Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Of course, that’s all urban legend.
In truth, Pichu is certainly much stronger. Unable to control its electricity, Pichu is at times stronger than even Pikachu! But its inability to control its own strength means it may hurt itself unexpectedly.
Pichu doesn’t take damage from using Thunder Jolt…
…but it’ll still take damage from making contact with Thunder!
Luckily for Pichu fans, only moves where Pichu comes in touch with electricity cause it harm. Feel free to use the Standard Special Move: Thunder Jolt, or the Side Special Move Skull Bash with your heart at ease. Even his recovery move, Up Special Move: Quick Attack no longer causes harm.
And why should it? Quick Attack isn’t even an electric-type move! *laughs*
So…Pichu is stronger and faster. That’s a recurring trend in SD Remix, so it shouldn’t catch you off-guard. Right?
But Pichu will catch you off-guard.
Pichu’s a playful little thing, but like all children, it takes it too far sometimes.
Pichu has a new Dash Attack. Its reach is deceptive.
 Down Air will Meteor Smash opponents. But it’s not very strong…
 …although it does a lot of damage if you connect with the landing hit too.
Some players report being able to do upwards of 50% raw by repeatedly using Down Air on their opponents. I hope these horror stories aren’t true! *laughs*
Pichu’s Back Air move looks the same as always…
 …unless you hit it just right. Then your opponents will fly.
It’s important to note that Pichu takes damage regardless of whether or not you hit with the sweetspot.
Finally, there’s Pichu’s Forward Air. It’s a single-hit combo move, so use it like one.
Players have said it might be a little too strong. “Too effective,” they say. It can’t be that bad right? Right?
 Ehm! To be fair, it looks like this in Super Smash Bros. Melee too!
J-just what does this little devil want?!
Players having trouble with Pichu should listen carefully. Practice your throw combos! Pichu is still extraordinarily light, allowing you to connect moves you wouldn’t think would link.
Make sure to guard the ledge whenever you can and prevent Pichu from returning to the stage at all costs! From there, your life might get a little easier. Just a little.

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