Changelist Archive

Changes from 3.2 to 3.3

Whispy's Battlegrounds crash fixed
Moved Hold Start code from debug menu to always on
Changed stage striking to transparent version
Revert alpha stage list to Melee stage list
New Omega stage list
Random Stage setting now defaults to current alpha/omega toggle, and can be changed with holding L or R
Updated 1.00 hitlag code to latest. (rice for codes)
Get rid of special messages
Dolphin no longer complains when entering debug menu.
UCF 0.73 added
CSS Hands Default to HMN Button
Disable Rumble When Controller is Unplugged
L+R+A+START to Pause Game when Pause is Disabled
Rumble when character is selected
DPad Down at CSS for Random Stage
Fix alpha/omega stage list for Random stage from CSS (as opposed to SSS)
DPad Left at CSS goes to rumble options screen
DPad Right at CSS goes to debug menu
Hide Nametag When Invisible
Box Glitch Fix [tauKhan]
Update TopN Location In ECB Calculation [tauKhan]
Break the Targets Intangibility Glitch Fix [UnclePunch]
Fix Samus Extender Crash [UnclePunch]
Freeze glitch fix [tauKhan]
Invisible ceiling glitch fix [tauKhan]
Updated Dynamic Lagless FoD to latest actually working version [Achilles, Myougi, Dan Salvato, _glook]
"RANDOM" is Default Highlighted on Stage Select Screen [Jorgams]
CSS Banner color change should work on Dolphin [Dan Salvato, _glook]
Display Custom Text in stock mode when using options preset [UnclePunch, _glook]

Update widescreen code to new version [Dan Salvato]
Neutral Spawns to options menu [Achilles, Jorgasms]
Always Skip the Result Screen, and Star Count = Placement [Sham Rock]
Fix broken random stage unlock and score display
Music Plays at 20% Volume When All Controllers Are Idle For 1 Minute [UnclePunch]
CSS Color customization, including rules frame changing based on preset [UnclePunch]
Extend presets, and update colors and rules text, and refactor code to update colors and text
20XX Neutral Spawns [Achilles, Jorgasms]
Moved Stock Control/Crew Battle Mode from BADHACKS [Jorgasms]
L Cancel % in Results Screen (revised 2/11/15)
Fix percents not breaking ties in tournament overtime (and move it from badhacks) [_glook]
Moved Capped Points/Tennis Mode away from badhacks
Per controller tap jump [fileskiller, achilles]
Add cstick to jump cancel upsmash [Achilles]
Add extended short hop window [tauKhan]
X/Y dedicated short hop buttons [UnclePunch]
Charge with c-stick [UnclePunch]
Shield drop with dpad down [UnclePunch]
Wavedash out of jumpsquat [UnclePunch]
Disable KO Stars [Dan Salvato]
Throw Bug Fix v2 [Achilles]
When over 75%, each 2 additional percents make meteor cancel 1 frame later [flieskiller]
Ledge Invincibility Attrition moved out of BADHACKS
Wall bracing moved out of BADHACKS
Adds Grab Infinite Removal v3 toggle [_glook, Punkline]
Auto L-Cancel added [Dan Salvato]
Reverse Aerial Rush [Achilles]
DACUS [tatata]
Brawl-style B Reverse [UnclePunch]
Add L = Brawl Airdodge [UnclePunch]
Grab Items With Airdodge [UnclePunch]
Up+B Ledge Grab Buffs for Ness, Zelda, and Mewtwo [rmn]
Perfect Shield ala Smash Ultimate [UnclePunch]
Tech Grabs [Punkline]
CStick can be use to dash attack [UnclePunch]
Smash Attacks Out of Dash [UnclePunch]
Enable retreating glide toss [rmn]
Aerial Glide Toss [rmn]
Reverse Aerial Moves [UnclePunch]
Air Dodge replaced by Air Boost [flieskiller]
Air Grabs v3 [UnclePunch]
Infinite Shields move from BADHACKS
Random Hitbox Elements moved from BADHACKS
Big Head Mode [UnclePunch]
Item Rain (bob omb, Pokeballs) moved from BADHACKS
Berserk Mode [UnclePunch]
Superfox [SinsOfApathy]
Giant Melee is One Stock Rotation [UnclePunch]
Super Sudden Death is Chess Mode [Achilles, UnclePunch]
Single Button Mode is Turbo Mode [UnclePunch]
Food appears when items disabled [flieskiller]
Disable Container Spawns [Punkline]
Containers spawn containers [Punkline]
Disable Capsule Explosions [Achilles]
Disable Barrel Explosions [Achilles]
Disable Box Explosions [Achilles]
Fastfall whenever [UnclePunch]
Hold Y for Climber Clone v1.2 [UnclePunch]
Marth - Costume Dependent Marth Sword Swing Colors [Achilles]
Mario and Doc Hold B [UnclePunch]
Mario and Doc Get Jump Back After Down B [UnclePunch]
Luigi Hold B [UnclePunch]
Fully Charged SIde B = Misfire [UnclePunch]
Luigi's Fireball is influenced by his momentum [UnclePunch]
Peach - FSmash Angles Determine FSmash Type [UnclePunch]
Peach - Infinite Float [Achilles]
Peach - Always Pull Specific Turnip [????]
Bowser can mash for height during aerial upB [rmn]
Bowsers Flame Doesn't Diminish [UnclePunch]
Yoshi Aerial Neutral B Grab Gives Jump Back [UnclePunch]
Smash 4 Yoshi Up B [UnclePunch]
Press B to Explode Yoshi Egg [UnclePunch]
Skip DK Down B Startup [UnclePunch]
DK Hold B for Down B [UnclePunch]
Captain Falcon/Ganondorf - Can Grab Ledge on Side-B [UnclePunch]
Captain Falcon - Raptor Boost Enters "Fall" Action [Achilles]
Aerial Raptor Boost Popup + Midair Control [UnclePunch]
Walljump Out of Falcon Side B [UnclePunch]
Walljump Out of Falcon Up B [UnclePunch]
Ganon Float v1.0 [UnclePunch]
Fox/Falco Hold B [UnclePunch]
Invisible Firefox [UnclePunch]
Mash Firefox to Increase Length [UnclePunch]
Falco Side-B Walljump [UnclePunch]
Falco Up-B Walljump [UnclePunch]
Fox/Falco - Fall Instead of FallSpecial after Side-B [Achilles]
Ness Can Up B Once After Hitting a Wall [UnclePunch]
IC Hold B [UnclePunch]
ICies - Solo Popo Up-B Gives Increased Vertical Velocity [Achilles]
Nana is always Lvl 9 (1.02) [Achilles]
Nana Respawns after 20 Seconds [UnclePunch]
Nana and Popo Can Share Ledge [UnclePunch]
Nana direction update bug fix (ICs can Dashdance together etc.) (NTSC 1.02) [tauKhan]
Kirby Throws retain one mid air jump [The Cape]
Kirby Uses Non-Special Dash Attack [UnclePunch]
Kirbys Taunt Without Ability Gives Random Ability v1.1 [UnclePunch]
Samus Keeps Charge Shot When Hit During Up B (Fixed) [UnclePunch]
Samus - Always Full Charge Shot [Achilles]
Aim Charge Shot [UnclePunch]
Samus Shoots Random Item [UnclePunch]
Instant Zelda/Shiek Transform [UnclePunch]
Link's Shield Reflects [UnclePunch]
Link Shield Always Active [UnclePunch]
Mewtwo Can Actually Reflect Stuff [UnclePunch]
Confusion works like a normal throw [UnclePunch, jjhoho]
Mewtwo Float [UnclePunch]
GaW Hold B [UnclePunch]
GaW Bucket Fill Amount Based on Damage of Projectile [UnclePunch]
Memory Card Variables [Punkline]
Save and Load SDR Options to memory card [_glook]

Changes from 3.2 to 3.2.1

Single button melee is fixed (does not affect Lite)
Both Mount Olympuses no longer crash in training mode (also affects Lite)
Cranky’s Treehouse right side can no longer be clipped through (also affects Lite)
Ganondorf’s Up+B is no longer broken on inclines (also affects Lite)

Changes from 3.1 to 3.2

Character Changes


Visual And Menus Changes

  • New disc banner
  • Name changed to SD Remix 3.2
  • GameID is SDRE32, with version number set to 0x02
  • Changed “Debug Mode” to “SDR Options”
  • Changed “A tournament for 64 players” to “Settings for SD Remix”

Settings Changes

  • Score display unlocked
  • Score Display enabled by default for timed matches
  • All Events Unlocked

New Features

  • Name tag no longer resets on port close and CSS exit
  • Stage Striking (Z to unstrike all, Y to strike all but random select, X to strike currently highlighted stage)
  • Unbounded Pause Camera
  • Every player can control the debug menu
  • Hold A+B on game end for salty runback
  • X + Y disables Start during game (helps recalibrate joysticks)
  • Tags can be 8 characters and lower case can be togged with X
  • Name tag boxes scale with name tag
  • Debug menu exits to CSS
  • L+R+A+Start during stage load goes back to CSS instead of Main Menu

New Debug Menu

Debug menu is now the SDR Options menu. The options include:

  • General Options >
    • Widescreen
    • Stock dependent platform colors (only works in 4 stock matches)
    • Hold Start for 2.5 seconds at the results screen to force other players to press Pause.
  • Toggles:
    • Disabled: Turns the next two menu items off. Disables all toggles inside of those menus. Changes “Ready to fight” banner color to Yellow.
    • Enabled: Turns the next two menu items on. The toggles inside those menus follow what the user sets them as. Changes the “Ready to fight” banner to Green.
    • Only Melee+ Enabled: Turns the next two menu items off and changes the “Melee+ Toggles >” text in the menu item to “~Melee+ Enabled”. Turns off all toggles in “Other Toggles >” and enables all toggles in “Melee+ Toggles >”.
  • Melee+ Toggles >
    • Handicap (Damage Ratio, Stock/Crew): Damage Ratio is normal handicap. Stock/Crew means stocks are controlled by handicap setting. Setting handicap to Auto enables Crew Battle mode, which automatically sets the handicap to whatever the remaining stocks were in the last match.
    • Overtime (Normal, Tournament): By default, it is set to “Normal” which make Sudden Death behave normally. If set to “Tournament”, any ties at the end of a match are broken by percentage. If percentage is tied as well, the 1st place players go into sudden death, but with percentage set to 0%, bomb rain disabled, and the timer set to 3 minutes. If tied at the end of sudden death, it goes into another sudden death.
    • Ledge Invincibility (Normal, Dynamic): Dynamic means that ledge invincibility is treated like shields, where ledge invincibility is reduced each time it is used, but it recovers over time.
    • Wall Bracing (Disabled, Enabled): Wall bracing allows a player going into a wall to hold left or right to brace the next grounded (non-launching) attack, so that their feet leave the ground. This combats wall infinites.
    • Capped Points (Disabled, Enabled) – This uses the “Stock Match Time Limit” as the limit number (if the time limit is None, it behaves exactly as if you’d Disabled Capped Points entirely). During a timed match, if someone’s number of points reach the limit, the match ends and they win. In coin battle, whoever reaches limit times 100 in coins ends the match and they win.
  • Other Toggles >
    • Shields (Normal, Infinite)
    • Tap Jump (Enabled, Disabled)
    • Always Rain Bombs (Disabled, Enabled, Pokeballs): If enabled, bombs rain from the sky, like in sudden death. If Pokeballs, instead of bombs, pokeballs rain from the sky (may cause lag)
    • Random Hitbox Element (Disabled, Enabled) – Makes all non-projectile hits have a random element.
  • Credits >
    • The credits for SD Remix 3.2
  • Debug Mode >
    • This is a parsed down version of the old Debug Menu. It’s got Dairantou, rule select, Global Data Edit, DBLevel (so you can turn on hitboxes and frame by frame among other things), and Publicity on/off).


  • Background and laggy elements disabled if four players are playing on Fountain of Dreams
  • Stage Selection now has an Alpha and Omega pages
  • Omega page is the default page on the stage select screen
  • Omega page can be reached by pressing R on from the Alpha page
  • Alpha page can be reached by pressing L on from the Omega page
  • Omega and alpha pages have altered graphics to show which page you’re on
  • Alpha stages are:
    • Icicle Mountain
    • Princess Peach’s Castle
    • Rainbow Cruise
    • Kongo Jungle
    • Jungle Japes
    • Great Bay
    • Hyrule Temple
    • Yoshi’s Island N64
    • Yoshi’s Island
    • Fountain of Dreams
    • Green Greens
    • Corneria
    • Venom
    • Mount Olympus (Snag The Trophies)
    • Brinstar
    • Brinstar Depths
    • Onett
    • Fourside
    • Mute City
    • Big Blue
    • Kongo Jungle N64
    • PokeFloats
    • Mushroom Kingdom
    • Mushroom Kingdom II
    • Reversed Battlefield (Battlefield with platform heights reversed)
    • Whispy’s Battle Grounds
    • Dream Land N64
    • Yoshi’s Story
    • Pokemon Stadium
  • Omega stages are:
    • Flat Zone
    • Omega Princess Peach’s Castle (no bullet bill or switches)
    • Princess Peach’s Flat (no spire in middle, no bullet bill or switches)
    • Omega Kongo Jungle (no barrel, klaptrap, rock, or logs)
    • Omega Jungle Japes (no klaptrap and water does nothing)
    • High Tide at Great Bay (no left platform, other platforms are same height)
    • Skyrule (modified portion of top left part of Hyrule Temple)
    • Omega Yoshi’s Island N64 (only two platforms symmetrical, no clouds)
    • Omega Yoshi’s Island (left side with rearranged rest of stage)
    • Omega Fountain of Dreams (no side platforms)
    • Omega Green Greens (No blocks, no wind, no apples)
    • Omega Corneria (no arwings, no great fox gun)
    • Warzone Corneria (extra arwings)
    • Omega Mount Olympus (Snag the Trophies stage with three platforms and reorganized ground)
    • Omega Brinstar (no lava)
    • Omega Brinstar Depths (no kraid, no rotation)
    • Omega Onett (No cars, no drugstore platforms)
    • Smashville Fourside (Version of Fourside similar to Brawl’s Smashville)
    • Omega Mute City (no cars)
    • Omega Big Blue (no cars other than the first)
    • Omega Kongo Jungle N64 (no barrel)
    • Cranky’s Treehouse (like jungle japes without side platforms and altered main platform)
    • Omega Mushroom Kingdom (no sides, less walls, lower pullies)
    • Omega Mushroom Kingdom II (no sides, bigger middle, no Birdo, no Pidget)
    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Omega Dream Land N64 (no wind)
    • Omega Yoshi’s Story (no flyguys)
    • Omega Pokemon Stadium (no transformations)
  • Icons and stage text altered to reflect new stages on Omega and Alpha pages.
  • Default Random Stages options menu controls Omega Stages.
  • Alpha stages on Random Stages options menu can be accessed by holding L while loading menu.
  • Alpha and Omega random stages can be set separately as a result
  • Pressing “Start” to select a random stage selects a random stage from the current page only.
  • Pressing “A” while highlighting “Random” to choose a random stage selects a random stage from either page (though it doesn’t actually show the page changing). Plays a sound if you’re loading the omega version and a different sound if you’re loading the alpha version.
  • Default Omega random stages are 5 neutral stages at the bottom (Battlefield, Final Destination, Omega Dreamland 64, Omega Yoshi’s Story, Omega Pokemon Stadium)
  • Default Alpha random stages are Whispy’s Battle Grounds, Fountain of Dreams, Mount Olympus, Kongo Jungle 64, Reversed Battlefield, Dreamland 64, Yoshi’s Story, Pokemon Stadium)

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