SD Remix Lite Changes

Current Version: 3.2

Differences from SD Remix 3.2

SD Remix Lite has limited space for itself on the memory card, and as a result, it has a number of limitations. It has the following differences from normal SD Remix:

  • Has a maximum of 8 name tags instead of 120 to make room for SD Remix Lite data.
  • None of the visual changes are carried over due to them being texture changes. Instead, to visually show it is SD Remix, the names for all characters in the name tag box shows “SDR 3.2 Lite” instead of the character name. In addition, the character select portrait boxes background colors have been changed.
  • The debug menu is much lighter than the full version.
    • General Options has been removed and replaced with only the Widescreen option.
    • “Other Toggles” has been completely removed; the only toggles left are the “Melee+” toggles.
    • Capped Points is removed from the debug menu, but is now always enabled, as it can be disabled by setting “Stock Match Time Limit” to “None”.
    • Debug mode toggles moved around slightly and publicity toggle removed.
    • Only has “Enabled” and “Disabled” for the toggles. The “Ready to Fight” banner changes to aqua blue when enabled.
  • Name tags are only 4 characters and cannot have lowercase in them.
  • X+Y does not disable start during gameplay.
  • Name tags reset when exiting character select screen and on port close.
  • Fountain of Dreams no longer toggles the background elements off during doubles. The original intent was for this to eliminate the lag on this stage during doubles, but it was found that lag still exists in certain situations, rendering this feature useless.
  • The alpha/omega stage toggle is simplified:
    • There are no separate pages for Alpha and Omega. Instead, changing to Alpha and Omega plays a sound effect and the color of the flashing highlight border around the selected stage changes to purple to indicate Omega mode. (It is the normal red for Alpha mode).
    • The random stage select is no longer separate for the two stages and instead are shared for both stage lists.
    • Pressing “A” on the “Random” icon does not randomize the alpha/omega toggle.
    • The Alpha stage list is now exactly the same as the normal Melee stage list.
    • The Omega stage list has the following changes:
      • The omega toggle for Icicle Mountain is now “Mount Olympus”, aka Snag The Trophies.
      • High Tide at Great Bay could not fit on the memory card, so instead the omega toggle for Great Bay is “Trophy Tussle: Majora’s Mask”.
      • Princess Peach’s Flat could not fit on the memory card. Omega Rainbow cruise goes to Cranky’s Treehouse instead.
      • Skyrule could not fit on the memory card, so instead it goes to Omega Mount Olympus.
      • Flatzone’s omega toggle is “Reversed Battlefield”.
      • Pokefloats goes to Whispy’s Battlegrounds.
      • Alpha Battlefield and Omega Battlefield are identical.
      • Final Destination’s omega version is the same as the version of Final Destination in SD Remix (no stage transitions).
      • The platform on Smashville Fourside is higher and has different movement patterns.

Known Issues

  • If you choose Japanese mode in v1.01, the CSS will crash. This will require a separate save file to do properly.
  • Not compatible with Dolphin and never will be, as the full release is better on PC.
  • Not compatible with Gecko codes. If you can run Gecko, you can run the full version of SD Remix.
  • If playing a team battle while Handicap is set to Stock/Crew, stocks will reset if anyone steals a stock.

SD Remix 3.2 Lite Full Changelist
(from normal SSBM)

  • Character balance changes [by sdremix_troubleshooter, Ripple, Achilles, Dan Salvato, Magus, standardtoaster, _glook]
  • Maximum number of name tags reduced from 120 to 8.
  • Taunt Cancelling: If you taunt, you will keep your momentum, allowing the taunt to be cancelled by sliding to the edge of a platform. [by Dan Salvato]
  • Game set to 4-stock, 8 minutes, Friendly Fire and Score Display On.
  • A new options menu replaces Tournament Mode. [by _glook, Dan Salvato, Achilles, Magus, donny2112]
    From here, you can access various options:

    • Widescreen: Toggles widescreen mode [by Dav Salvato]
    • Options: You can toggle whether to enable or disable gameplay options, so that you can be tournament ready. If options are disabled, the “Ready to Fight” banner text color at the character select screen will be normal colored (yellow). If options are enabled, you will be able to access the “Options >” submenu and the “Ready to Fight” banner will be blue colored. [by Dan Salvato]
    • Options menu: This menu holds gameplay options that can be toggled on and off. They include:
      • Overtime: “Sudden Death” means overtime should behave normally. “Tournament” means that at the end of a match, if players are tied, the ties are broken by displayed percentage. If percentage is still tied, it goes into sudden death, which is a one stock, 3 minute match. If still tied, it repeats sudden death. [by _glook]
      • Wall Bracing: If enabled, players will be able to brace against walls if they are hit by non-launching moves while they’re on the ground. Bracing is achieved by holding left or right on the control stick when they are hit, similar to crouch cancelling. When you brace a hit, your character’s feet leave the ground. This allows for upward DI. Without DI, you can also immediately land afterwards, cutting down stun time against attacks. This is meant to combat wall infinites. [by _glook]
      • Ledge invincibility: If set to “Dynamic”, ledge invincibility is treated similarly to shields, in that when you grab the ledge, the amount of invincibility time on your next ledge grab is reduced, but the invincibility time recovers over time, like shields. This is meant to combat infinite ledge stalling. [by _glook]
      • Handicap: If set to “Stock/Crew”, the handicap option controls the number of stocks a player has in Stock Mode. If set to “Auto”, the handicap for the winner of the last match is automaticaly set to the number of stocks they had left, which makes this ideal for crew battles. Not compatible with team battles. [by Jorgasms]
    • Credits: List of people who contributed to SD Remix Lite
    • Debug menu: This is a pared down version of the SSBM Debug Menu.
  • If L+R+A+Start is pressed while loading a stage, it will go to the Character Select Screen instead of the main menu. [by Jorgasms]
  • Salty Runback: Holding A+B at the end of a match will restart that match. [by Dan Salvato]
  • C-Stick does smash attacks in Single Player [by Zauron]
  • Pause camera range significantly increased [by Achilles]
  • Portrait colors on the character select screen changed, so SDR Lite setups look different [by Shamrock, _glook]
  • If no nametag selected, “SDR 3.2 Lite” shows up in the character select screen instead of the character name, so people know which mod they are playing.
  • Stage Striking: At the stage select screen, press X to strike the currently highlighted stage, Y to strike all but the random stages, and Z to unstrike all stages. [by Dan Salvato]
  • Omega Stages: [by _glook, ShamRock]
    At the stage select screen, pressing “R” will toggle Omega stages and pressing “L” will toggle Alpha stages. When Alpha is toggled, the flashing stage border is Red, while Omega displays Purple.
    Alpha stages are the normal stages, just like Normal Melee.
    Omega stages are new or altered stages. The Omega stages are:

    • Omega Icicle Mountain => Snag The Trophies [Achilles]
      This is the “Snag the Trophies” stage from Classic Mode.
    • Omega Peach’s Castle [Zauron]
      Switches and bullet bill are removed.
    • Omega Rainbow Cruise => Cranky’s Treehouse [Achilles]
      Version of Jungle Japes with no water and no side platforms.
    • Omega Kongo Jungle [Milun]
      The rock, the barrel, the klaptraps and the logs are removed.
    • Omega Jungle Japes [flieskiller]
      Water physics and klaptraps removed
    • Omega Great Bay => Trophy Tussle: Majora’s Mask
      This is the Majora’s Mask stage from Event Mode.
    • Omega Hyrule Temple => Smash Mount Olympus [Achilles]
      This is an altered version of Snag The Trophies with three platforms, grabbable ledges, and no pink platform.
    • Omega Yoshi’s Story [Zauron]
      Flyguys removed.
    • Omega Yoshi’s Island [Milun]
      Altered stage design based on the left side of the alpha version.
    • Omega Fountain of Dreams [Zauron]
      Platforms and water jets removed.
    • Omega Green Greens [flieskiller, Zauron]
      All bricks removed. Wind and apples disabled.
    • Omega Corneria [Zauron]
      No ships and Great Fox gun destroyed.
    • Omega Venom => Warzone Corneria
      Corneria from Adventure Mode, with Massive Arwing attack
    • Omega Flatzone => Reversed Battlefield [Achilles, _glook]
      Battlefield except with platform heights reversed.
    • Omega Brinstar [Zauron]
      Rising lava disabled.
    • Omega Brinstar Depths [Milun]
      Kraid removed. Rotation disabled.
    • Omega Onett [flieskiller]
      Cars disabled. Drugstore platforms removed.
    • Omega Fourside => Smashville Fourside [Milun]
      Turned into a Melee version of Fourside using the crane.
    • Omega Mute City [flieskiller]
      Cars removed.
    • Omega Big Blue [Milun]
      All cars except for the first are removed.
    • Omega Pokemon Stadium [Zauron]
      No transformations.
    • Omega PokeFloats => Whispy’s Battlegrounds [Milun, Achilles]
      Version of Green Greens with no hazards and no gaps.
    • Omega Mushroom Kingdom [Milun]
      Side floors removed. Pulley platforms lower. Most of the blocks except for 6 are removed.
    • Omega Mushroom Kingdom 2 [Milun]
      Side floors removed. Middle floor made bigger. Birdo and Pidget removed.
    • Omega Battlefield is identical to Alpha Battlefield.
    • Omega Final Destination [Achilles, Dan Salvato]
      Background transitions disabled.
    • Omega Dreamland 64 [Zauron]
      Wind disabled
    • Omega Yoshi’s Story 64 [Milun]
      Clouds removed. Top platform removed. Side platforms move to be at the same height and angle.
    • Omega Kongo Jungle 64 [flieskiller]
      Barrel removed.

3 comments on “SD Remix Lite Changes

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    • No, we wouldn’t because the “clone stages” take up like 30-50 bytes on average, whereas Fourside Smashville takes up almost 8,000. Even if we removed ALL of the clone stages, we wouldn’t even be able to fit one new stage.

      Also, most of the cut stages take up so much space that we’d have to delete the character changes to fit them in, which is completely unacceptable. Skyrule and Princess Peach’s Flat won’t even fit on the memory card even if we deleted literally everything else about SDR Lite.


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