For the complete changelist, including character changes, all on one page, visit _glook’s SD Remix 3.2 Complete Changelist.

The main draw of SD Remix is certainly the character changes to balance out the cast, but there are also a variety of other changes to enhance the game experience, including new stages, game features, game modes, and others. The changes are separated into three sections as follows:

The Character Changes are listed in its own section of the site and go over all of the balance changes that each of the bottom 20 characters have had.

The General Changes page includes:

  • Visual/Menu Changes, such as changes to how the menus look
  • Settings Changes, such as default rules and unlocks
  • New Features, which are things that enhance the user experience, like Salty Runback and longer name tags.
  • An overview of the new SDR Options menu, which include a bunch of useful, fun, or interesting toggles.
  • Gameplay Changes, which is basically just Taunt Cancelling.

The Stages page includes:

  • An overview of the new Alpha/Omega stage select system, which allows for 29 more stage selection slots.
  • An overview of the features of the Alpha/Omega stage select system, and how to use it.
  • A list of Alpha stages and their descriptions.
  • A list of Omega stages and their descriptions.

SD Remix Lite has most of the changes from SD Remix, but there are a few stage and feature differences, though all of the character changes remain intact. For more information on SD Remix Lite’s changes, visit the SD Remix Lite Changelist.

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