One of the galaxy’s strongest bounty hunters. Samus Aran returns with some little additions to her arsenal that will make space pirates quiver!

As you might have imagined, not much has changed about Samus. Her Grapple Beam does connect on airborne foes now, so maybe you could have some new ways to abuse that Extender glitch? Hmm.

Link has been an unsavory character lately. Maybe beat some sense into him?
Link, we need to talk…

Ehm, moving on, a new delight to feast your eyes on is Samus’s Up Tilt. See the blue on her shin? That hurtbox is now completely invincible during the move’s active frames.

Essentially, you run very little risk of trading against an opponent’s recovery move as you edge guard them. That’s scary for your opponents, but great for you! Winning feels amazing, no?

Of course, Samus’s Up Smash has changed, for the better it seems. Blast your foes away and maybe juggle them around a bit. After all, they’ve caused you a lot of trouble.

 As you can imagine, it’s an anti-air attack with astonishing, alliterative application.

Special Moves
<Standard Special Move: Charge Shot>

Samus’s Charge Shot is a little stronger too. For every charge level completed, the move has extra damage, plus some shield damage!

<Side Special Move: Homing Missile>

Samus’s Homing Missiles have changed. With an upgrade here and there, their accuracy has greatly increased! Perhaps Fox and Falco players should pay a little more attention now.


Complete changelist

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