Ah, Link. The legendary hero whose tales of valor are as timeless as the “Hyrule” name itself. A warrior of cunning and courage skilled in many crafts. He’s just a really cool guy.


You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this move. Ever.
Link’s issues in Super Smash Bros. Melee originate from his sluggish movement in combination with his surprisingly lukewarm attack strength. In typical SD Remix fashion, Link is slightly more nimble with a better wavedash, as well as a faster initial dash.
You’ll get the chance to swing your sword around more, that’s for sure!
Link’s swordplay has drastically improved. Link’s tilts and Smash attacks are all slightly stronger. His tilts in particular are also quite faster, allowing him to command a fearsome presence in mid-range combat.
Jabs link into one another to swat foes away.
Down Tilt Meteor Smashes foes at all ranges, and it’s quick to boot!
 Both hits of Forward Smash command tremendous strength!
 Down Smash hits a little harder too. Every bit counts.
 Up Smash connects properly now. Try using it…
…to show you mean business, anywhere and everywhere!
The strong hit of Neutral Air can be used to KO foes. What a relief!
Like other tether characters in SD Remix, Link’s Hookshot can reel in airborne foes.
Special Moves
<Standard Special Move: Bow>
What may seem to be a standard Bow-and-Arrow…
 …is actually a bow armed with Silver Arrows.
 Silver Arrows are said to be able to vanquish any foe.
And well, just look at her go. Be confident in your aim and you’ll see victory soon enough.
<Up Special Move: Spin Attack
The last hit of the aerial version does more damage.
This means you can KO foes with it if you’re clever. Plus, it makes detonating bombs to recover in tight situations a little more reasonable.
<Down Special Move: Bomb>
You can’t see it from this awfully descriptive screenshot, but Link pulls bombs out of his tunic quicker. Pulling out this ever useful explosive on a whim can be nothing but a good thing for Link.
For his opponents, it might be a horribly construed nightmare…
Or just a spectacular action flick!

Complete changelist

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