Scientists engineered Mewtwo through horrific gene-splicing, striving to create the strongest Pokémon man had ever seen. A savage and formidable foe, Mewtwo returns in SD Remix seeking carnage.

Despite its imposing demeanor and reputation, Mewtwo was a lackluster character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Long time SD Remix fans will know Mewtwo went through several iterations, but let’s look at the latest version, shall we?

What’s this?! You…can’t hit his tail?

“Does that even make sense?!” You might exclaim. Of course, the answer is: “Of course not!” (laughs). But you see, Mewtwo is a rather large character. He tends to get hit in, well, unsavory spots due to his sheer size alone. Coupled with his inability to use his tail moves as safe pokes, he was not as versatile as he could be given his already limited move set. So there you have it, Mewtwo’s new tail. Could it possibly be the strongest tail in Smash Bros history?

 Well, it certainly doesn’t have much competition!

Mewtwo’s tail moves still utilize the sweetspot system: the farther away from his body, the weaker the tail move’s damage and knockback. That said, all his moves have had their knockback values adjusted, so your opponent can’t get too comfortable just letting you swing at them! Up Air hits in a full arc, and Back Air is very quick now, giving you more leverage in the air to stage your offensive!

Mewtwo’s Forward Air has a lingering hitbox now, meaning unfortunate opponents might see the stars earlier than expected if they don’t correctly DI.


Don’t get too ambitious with it though! It’s not that big!

Mewtwo’s Special Moves perform similar to Melee’s renditions.

<Standard Special Move: Shadow Ball>

 Sometimes it’s good to take it easy too, you know?


But taking it easy all the time is bothersome too.


Shadow Ball’s start-up time has decreased by a good bit, so you can charge Shadow Balls quickly, as well as unleash a fully charged one with surprising speed. Samus’ Charge Shot certainly does better in the speed department, and Mewtwo might be too strong already, right?

<Side Special Move: Confusion>

Confusion (Side Special) now puts opponents in a platform fall state, meaning they can’t jump out preemptively. Opponents can still DI away to avoid immediate follow-ups, but it may be a good idea sometimes to throw them off guard near the stage’s edge.

<Down Special Move: Disable>

But isn’t it a little too confusing that it’s Disable that confuses the opponent?!

Ah, yes, Confusion doesn’t induce confusion as much as Disable. Never mind the details!  As you know, Disable puts the opponent in a daze-like Shield broken state if they match your gaze. The hitbox has increased dramatically: even short characters can be Disabled reliably now. The horizontal range is no joke either!

I’m joking of course.

A word of advice: fighting Mewtwo on Dreamland N64 might not be the best idea. Rumor has it Mewtwo has ‘bulked up’ since the last time you’ve seen him.


Complete changelist

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