Ripping an ISO from your Physical Melee Disc

You can always Google and obtain a Melee ISO through less scrupulous means, but we’re going to tell you a way you can turn your PHYSICAL copy of Melee into a digital copy of Melee which you can then patch or hack to turn into SD Remix!

This method requires you have a Wii with the Homebrew Channel and a physical copy of Super Smash Brothers Melee.

What version do I have?

As the version of Melee you have might be relevant depending on what method you use to turn your copy of Melee into SD Remix, it may be useful to figure out which version number you have. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do.

First, look at the bottom of your disc near the center for some text that starts with “DOL-GALE-0-“. It should look like this:


If it says DOL-GALE 0-00, you have NTSC 1.0.
If it says DOL-GALE 0-01, you have NTSC 1.1.
If it says DOL-GALE 0-02, you have NTSC 1.2.

Note: It does not matter if it says JPN or USA afterwards.

Step 1: Get the Homebrew Channel on your Wii

We will be using a homebrew app called CleanRip to get your digital copy of SSBM. To use homebrew apps, you first need to have the homebrew channel installed. Click here for the instructions on how to get it.

Step 2: Get CleanRip

Next, you need to get a copy of CleanRip and put it on your SD Card. Download a copy of the zip archive here:

If you open the zip file, you’ll see a folder called “apps”. Copy that folder to the root of your SD Card. Your SD Card should have a folder called “apps” at the root, and a folder called “CleanRip” should exist in that folder. If you already have other homebrew on your SD Card, they will also exist in the “apps” folder, along with CleanRip.

Step 3: Ripping your disc

Put the SD Card into the SD Card slot of your Wii. Start your Wii, and go to your Homebrew Channel. Open up CleanRip:


You’ll see the disclaimer, which will show buttons after several seconds:


Press A to continue. You’ll come to this page:


If you plan on putting the ISO on a USB storage device, select USB, or select Front SD if you want to store your ripped ISO on your SD Card. After selecting, you will come to something like this:


This is if you’ve selected the “Front SD” option. Either make sure you’ve connected your USB device or make sure you’ve inserted an SD card. Then press A. You may come to this screen:


If you see this and are connected to the internet, go ahead and select “Yes”. It will take a little bit of time for it to download. If you haven’t seen this screen or after it is done, you’ll come to:


You will want to either insert or make sure you’ve inserted your copy of Super Smash Brothers Melee into the Wii’s disc drive. Once you’ve done so, press “A”. You will then see:


After a moment, it will start the ripping process, which looks like this:


After it is done, you’ll see this screen:


Since we are done, you can simply press “B” to exit. It will take you back to the Homebrew Channel. You can turn your Wii off at this point. Take your SD Card or disconnect your USB device and connect it to your computer. In the root of your SD Card or USB device, you will see three new files, GALE01.bca, GALE01.iso, and GALE01-dumpinfo.txt. You can get rid of the .bca and .txt file. What you want is GALE01.iso. This is the digital copy of your physical SSBM disc.

From here, you can create an SD Remix ISO. For instructions on how to do that, go to SD Remix ISO Instructions.

4 comments on “Ripping an ISO from your Physical Melee Disc

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  2. Does CleanRip copy the iso from the melee disc, or does it take it off and you wont be able to play vanilla melee on the disc afterward?


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