Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario is Mario, as a doctor… sadly there’s not much else to say here. He’s put on a bit of weight and isn’t quite as nimble as Mario, but as a medical professional, he does boast electrifying strength.

Slower than SD Remix Mario, Dr. Mario retains his place as the hard-hitter. He might not have changed much, but the changes, few and far between, will prove themselves capable of bringing you riches. Maybe a quick video about the changes would be better?

Down Tilt has less cooldown. 
At higher percents, you may be able to set up for an edgeguard.
Trip your opponents up for not paying their expenses!
That may be medical malpractice, but what’s important is that Dash Attack’s hitbox is improved.
Dr. Mario’s signature Side Smash is more active. Maybe you can beat a spotdodge with this?!
Dr. Mario’s grab range has grown a little bigger too.
It’s a respectable amount given the length of his arms…


…but this just doesn’t make sense.
Although it’s not like I designed the game, so it can’t be helped right? Hmm.
The strong hit of Neutral Air is now more accessible.
Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
Forward Air has significantly less cooldown, allowing you to pursue foes further away from the stage.
He’s still in his recovery frames, will he make it?
 But he’s still too low! Someone save him!
 Just kidding! The doctor’s always got a solution.
May as well go over this minor adjustment too.

<Down Special Move: Dr. Tornado>
Dr. Tornado has increased vertical lift.
Like that.
Just remember to retain your double jump before using the move. Otherwise you’ll just end up where you were before. That’s no good, you’ll be late for your house call!

Complete changelist

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