Version 3.2.1 Released (Bugfixes)

Hi y’all,

Even with our own internal testing, there were inevitably things we missed. Unfortunately, not all of them were trivial, so we’ve had to release an update to all versions, including SD Remix Lite. Here’s what’s changed in 3.2.1:

  • Single button melee is fixed (does not affect Lite)
  • Both Mount Olympuses no longer crash in training mode (also affects Lite)
  • Cranky’s Treehouse right side can no longer be clipped through (also affects Lite)
  • Ganondorf’s Up+B is no longer broken on inclines (also affects Lite)

We could have lived with most of it until the next version, but the Ganondorf bug was the main reason for pushing out a patch.

You can get the latest version on our Downloads page.

Anyway, sorry for the bugs, and hope you’re enjoying the overall SDR experience!

By underscoreglook Posted in News

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