Public Alpha for SD Remix 3.2.1 PAL!

Hey PALs!

We’ve had some semi-public testing for the PAL version of SD Remix Lite going for a little while, and we haven’t heard about any bugs, so we decided it’s time to release it on the site officially. We’re still calling it an alpha for now, though.

You can get it at the SD Remix Lite downloads page.

Instructions for installing/using it are at our SD Remix Lite Instructions page.

If you find any bugs, let us know, preferably at the official smashboards thread. If enough people play it and report on it, we’ll be able to promote it to a normal release, instead of Alpha or Beta.

Hope you enjoy it! Happy smashing!

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3 comments on “Public Alpha for SD Remix 3.2.1 PAL!

    • Hey, just want to follow up. There was another report that the game froze when used off stage instead of when it hit someone. Basically, it would freeze when up+B would return to the height when you started it off stage. Is this what you’re seeing or does it only happen when you hit someone with it?


      • Yes that also happend. So everytime I hit an “ground” (like just Spaming it on-stage) or what I said already


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