SD Remix Lite PAL Alpha 2 released!

Hello chaps! After long last, we’ve finally fixed the long standing bug with Kirby’s Up+B in the PAL release of SD Remix Lite. We’re still calling it an alpha release for now, but please do try it out if you have a PAL version of SSBM.

In addition, we’ve gotten some feedback that some people don’t like the NTSC top tiers and instead want to play SD Remix Lite with the PAL balance to the top tiers. We’ve decided to be accommodating and release two versions of the PAL version of SD Remix Lite to account for this, one with the normal PAL top tiers and one with the NTSC buffed top tiers, as it’s really not up to us to decide what you want to play. In addition, one of the feedback we’ve gotten over in the United States is that it’s nice that it doesn’t mess up your Melee gameplay, as the top tiers are the same, and we’d like to extend that possibility to our PAL friends as well.

Without further ado, please go to our SD Remix Lite downloads page for the latest release(s).

Happy smashing!

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One comment on “SD Remix Lite PAL Alpha 2 released!

  1. Why did you have to put the Records in there x_x

    For PAL Players, this completely ruins the possibility of completing Melee/SD Remix yourself 😦


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