SD Remix 3.2 Lite for SSBM v1.02 Released!

We’re pleased to announce that SD Remix 3.2 Lite for SSBM v1.02 is now available to the public!

SD Remix Lite is a version of SD Remix that can be run with no console modification. It uses a special save file that has all of the SD Remix data, and by going into the Name Entry screen from the main menu, you can activate SD Remix, giving you all of the SD Remix characters, new stages, and new features! Check out the SD Remix Lite Changelist for more details!

Only v1.02 of Super Smash Brothers Melee is supported. It is the latest and the most common version of SSBM in the NTSC regions of the world (USA/Canada, Japan, most of Central and South America). The second most common version is v1.00, which was the first version of the game released. The SD Remix Lite for v1.00 is in the works, and will be supported in the future. If you don’t know which version your copy of SSBM is, please refer to the section “What version do I have?” in our ISO Guide.

Our hope is that SD Remix Lite will increase the availability and accessibility of SD Remix and allow more people to enjoy the mod than ever before. If you’ve ever wanted to play SD Remix, but you did not want to hack your console to do so, now is your chance! If you have a copy of SSBM v1.02 and a spare memory card, you can copy SD Remix Lite from someone else who has a copy. If you don’t know anyone personally, try asking your local scene. Maybe someone will be willing to distribute it!

If you want to help spread SD Remix to the masses and you can already run homebrew, you can help us out! The download is at the SD Remix Lite downloads Page and the instructions to get it onto your memory card are at the SD Remix Lite Installation Instructions page.

Some of you may be wondering why we have SD Remix 3.2 Lite, yet the public version of normal SD Remix is still at 3.1. That’s because SD Remix 3.2 is still under development, and there are a few remaining tasks left. We’re working on getting it released, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy SD Remix 3.2 Lite!

Edit: We forgot to mention that SD Remix Lite does not run on Dolphin. If you would like to play SD Remix 3.2 on Dolphin please wait for the full release of the normal version.

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2 comments on “SD Remix 3.2 Lite for SSBM v1.02 Released!

  1. Keep up the good work guys! Hopefully will see this Mod being used along side Project M at majors, I see it being used in side tournaments so thats a good sign!! 😀


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