Captain Falcon

Everybody’s favorite F-Zero racer is here to save the day! What is he saving the day from? Beats me, but he sure is cool.

Sorry, but this is business. No hurt feelings, eh Jigglypuff?
As you can imagine, Captain Falcon is almost the same-old-same-old. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he’s exactly the same as he was in Super Smash Bros. Melee!
Except he’s not. Mhm, he’s a tad bit different this time around, but nothing too crazy. Surprising isn’t it? Considering Falcon’s a pretty crazy guy himself.
Perform the “Gentleman” move with ease!
Japanese and North American players know well that the inputs required to perform the one-two-three punch is a bit unorthodox. SD Remix changes the inputs to match the European and Australian release. It’s so easy, you can perform it by whaling on air!

See it in action, won’t you?

<Side Special Move: Raptor Boost>
 You can recover using your Up Special Move if you connect with Raptor Boost.
Yup! Just like that!

Perfect for showboating to all your friends! Isn’t that just sweet?

Raptor Boost doesn’t grab the ledge though, so don’t get too crazy.


<Down Special Move: Falcon Kick>
Reduced landing lag means you can pull off some silly combo shenanigans.
Of course, if you’re in a bind, you could try using it to confuse your assailants too.

Complete changelist

5 comments on “Captain Falcon

  1. I think side-B should be allowed to grab because one of Falcon’s weakness is his recovery. If his side-b is allowed to grab, then it makes it more risky for opponent’s to ledge guard since they might get side-B spiked.


  2. guys i think your doing too much. just change some shit that sucks about him like his recovery. i dont really wanna play PM version 2.0. just make falcon able to like hug people with his upB on the ledge and hell be good.


    • They barely changed anything. For his side b, they just made it so it’s not an insta-death if it hits offstage. Also, what do you mean by “make falcon able to like hug people with his upB on the ledge”?


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