Current Season: Season 0 (2015)


SDR NAO (Pronounced “S.D.R. Now” and short for SD Remix North America Online) is an SD Remix netplay tournament series open to players in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It is hosted on Anther’s Ladder, in the SDR Remix Chat. It happens every two weeks on Saturday nights.

We’re relatively new, so we’re going to have all of North America in one tournament for now. Once we breach 20 players to check in, I’ll likely host separate East/West tournaments for lag and time zone purposes, with the occasional tournament or playoffs with everybody in one tourney.

We are currently running in what is deemed the “Test Season”. I’m planning on starting the first real season at the beginning of 2016.

Tournament stream:
Tournament chat room:
Smashboards thread:

Next Tournament: February 2016

Season 0 (2015) is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more!

League & Leaderboard

Each season, each tournament will give players the opportunity to earn league points to rise in the league rankings for the current season. Entering the league only requires one to participate in an SDR NAO tournament.

Simply playing in a tournament will give you one point. You get additional points for every player you placed higher than for that tournament. The points will be attached to the name of the player used in the tournament.

Current rankings: (SDR NAO #3 through #8)

1. Sythex – 17 pts.
2. SaberPrime – 16 pts.
3. Mandalorian1030 – 11 pts.
4. _glook – 10 pts.
5. smashdaddy – 8 pts.
6. chitanium – 7 pts.
7. Snover – 5 pts.
8. Lt. Warhammer – 5 pts.
9. Xcelceor – 5 pts.
10. WomboSSB – 4 pts.
11. DAHypersonix1617 – 3 pts.
12. Chocola | Doqtor Kirby – 2 pts.
13. UberChaos (aka Swordofbowsers) – 1 pts.
14. Lushsmoke – 1 pts.
15. NoxTheWeenie – 1 pts.
16. OrangePekoeTea – 1 pts.

Instructions To Participate


  • You will need to sign up for the tournament. Do this by clicking “Go To Registration” on the Challonge page.
  • If you haven’t already, you need to set up Dolphin to be able to play SD Remix online. Check out  for a guide on how to play on Netplay. Make sure that you’re using SD Remix 3.2.1 and Dolphin_4.0-7840.
  • A netplay tournament needs a chat room where everyone can gather and coordinate. This will be the SD Remix chat room on Anther’s Ladder, so make sure you have an account. Visit  to sign up if you don’t have an account already.


  • Check in time starts 15 minutes before the tournament starts. At check in time, you’ll need to return to this page and check in to indicate that you’re present and you’re ready to play, otherwise you will not be entered into the tournament
  • Once you’ve checked in, you should head to the SD Remix chat room:
  • 15 minutes after check in time, the tournament will begin. I’ll announce the start of the tournament and announce the matches to be played. Once your match has been announced, you should either message or private message your opponent and work out the host id and play your match.
  • Occasionally, I may request to stream your match. I should be given the host id so I can join the game. Once I’ve joined, I need to be removed from a controller port to prevent the game from lagging.
  • Once you’ve played your set with your opponent, mark your score in the Challonge bracket. I’ll be announcing matches as they become available. I might not announce matches right away as I might be in the middle of a match, but I’ll try and be on top of it. If you’ve been waiting a while and you know you have a match queued, you can let me know and I’ll try and get to it as soon as possible.
  • In case you’re interested, the stream will be at It will likely have a lot of my games early on, since the stream is happening from my computer.

Tournament Format

  • If 5 or less people enter, we’ll have a round robin tournament without an accompanying bracket.
  • Otherwise, there will be round robin pools with 4 players in each pool, followed by a double elimination bracket.


As SD Remix is based off of Melee, the ruleset will also be based off of Melee (click here for the Melee ruleset). We will have the following alterations:

  • In cases where “Rock, Paper, Scissors” would be used, you may just go with the host winning. If there is dispute, you may go by the one with the highest seed. In pools, the highest seed is the one listed higher in the pool in Challonge.
  • Wobbling past 300% is banned.
  • SDR Options menu should not be accessed.
  • Sets are Best Of 3, except for Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals, which are Best Of 5.
  • Neutral/Starter stages (5) are: Final Destination, Battlefield, Omega Yoshi’s Story (Melee), Omega Dreamland N64, Omega Pokemon Stadium
  • Counterpick stage (1): Cranky’s Treehouse
  • Before step 5 where winner bans stages, the loser may optionally add any other stage to the counterpick list for the current match. However, doing so gives the winner an additional stage ban for the current match.
  • (If you’re wondering why some stages, like Smashville Fourside and Fountain of Dreams, are not in the stage list by default, is that’s because they are computationally intensive, and some players’ computers may not be good enough to play them without stuttering. The stage adding rule should allow for players to play on these stages, if both their computers can handle it).

Past Tournaments