Tournaments & Events

The SD Remix community is still pretty young and there aren’t established channels where players can find each other yet, so it may be hard to find tournaments and events for SD Remix. This section of our site is our attempt to help out with that.

Tournaments & Events is for smashfests or tournaments happening with SD Remix as one of the games played. They can either be recurring or just one time events.


sdrnaoSDR NAO (Pronounced “S.D.R. Now” and short for SD Remix North America Online) is an SD Remix netplay tournament series open to players in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It is hosted on Anther’s Ladder, in the SDR Remix Chat. It happens every two weeks on Saturday nights.

For information on the tournament, information and links to the next tournament, and league and leaderboard information, head over to the SDR NAO page.

College Park Fests

This is a general smashfest series at the University of Maryland, College Park. It is held every Friday and often has an SD Remix setup. It typically only runs during the school year. For more information, check out their facebook grou at

To Submit Tournaments and Events To Be Listed Here

If you’d like to have your event listed here, fill out this form. Make sure to include relevant details, such as if it’s a recurring event, where and when it/they will be, as well as links to your event webpages or social media, and give any other details you see fit. I will occasionally go through and delete old tournament listings if they’re no longer active.