The SD Remix community is still pretty young and there aren’t established channels where players can find each other yet, so it may be hard to find groups of players for SD Remix. This section of our site is our attempt to help out with that.

Groups are gaming communities where SD Remix is either the main focus or one of the focuses.

Anther’s Ladder SD Remix Netplay Community

The main place on the internet to find people to play SD Remix with are at the SDRemix chat room on Anther’s Ladder. You’ll need to sign up for Anther’s Ladder first, but once you have an account, you can join the chat room. The link to the chat room is

To Submit Your Group To Be Listed Here

If you’d like to have your community listed here, fill out this form. Make sure to include relevant details. List where the community is based, link to relevant webpages or social media, and have a description of the community, as well as any other details you see fit.