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If you know what you’re doing or simply are curious, you can also create an ISO from the changed source files. However, creating it from a patch is recommended, as it is far easier and faster.

Original article written by: RoyalSyrup. It has since been modified

Step 1: Download the tools for altering the ISO

So the first thing we need is our tools for making a Melee: SD Remix ISO.

GC Tools:

GC Rebuilder:

We’ll also need the the newest revision for ISO/DVD, you can download that here. Make sure you download the ISO/DVD version.

Step 2: Obtain (preferably legally) a copy of SSBM NTSC

NTSC just means it should be a version of Super Smash Brothers Melee released in in the NTSC region of the world. This is a fancy way of saying “released in the USA”. Google-ing is one way, but if you have a Wii with the Homebrew Channel, you can rip your personally copy of Melee that you have on a physical disc onto an SD Card or USB Storage device. To rip your own ISO of Melee from your physical copy, see Ripping an ISO from your Physical Melee Disc.

Step 3: Extracting and altering the ISO

Start up Gc-tool.exe. It will look something like this:


Go to File -> Open GC-iso. Locate your ISO from step 2 and click open it. Note: If you can’t find your ISO, try selecting all files where it says File Types.

The window should now look something like this:

Image 19

Go to ISO -> “Extract Whole ISO…”. A window like this should pop up:

Image 20

Click on “Choose Dir” and select a folder on your hard drive to extract all the SSBM files to. After that, make sure “Also Extract Header, Apploader, DOL and TOC” is selected. Then, click “Extract”. It will start to extract the ISO to the directory you chose, and it might take a while. Once that is done, click Exit to go back to GC-Tool. Now close GC-Tool. In the directory you selected, you should now have a “root” folder. This contains every file in the Melee ISO.

Now, go to the zip file with the SD Remix files (the ISO/DVD version you downloaded). In the zip file, you will see a folder starting with “[ISO] SDR_”. Inside of THAT folder, you’ll see a “root” folder. Copy this folder to the directory that you extracted you SSBM iso to, which also has “root” folder. If it asks you to confirm a file or folder replacement, either say “Yes” or select “Copy and Replace”, depending on your operating system.

Step 4: Rebuilding the ISO

Start up gcr.exe (it may also have the version number there, so it might be called “gcr_v1.0.exe” or something similar). It should look like this:

Image 21

Go to Root -> Open. Now go to the “root” folder that holds all of your Melee files. Click on the folder, then click “OK”. The window should be populated with all sorts of data. You should also see a custom SD Remix banner and SD Remix data on the left side. If you see the normal Melee banner and data, you may not have overwritten the files to the right place.

Now, go to Root -> Save, and choose your directory and name your ISO, then click OK. Then go to Root -> Rebuild. It will now start rebuilding the ISO. After it’s done rebuilding, you should have an ISO where ever you put it. And now your done!

You now have an ISO of SD Remix! Congratulations!

12 comments on “From Source

    • If you’re talking about the iso, the iso itself may be corrupt. Try it with other isos you have lying around, and if they don’t crash, it’s probably your ssbm iso.

      If those others crash, it might be something to do with your pc, and you might want to try on another pc.


  1. When I go to into GCRebuilder and try to open up my root folder, it gives me an error that says “File ‘apploader.ldr’ not found in ‘&&systemdata’ folder” Any help?


    • This likely means in step 3, you didn’t check the “Also Extract Header, Apploader, DOL and TOC” option, when you extracted it. Make sure that’s selected before extracting, otherwise it won’t extract your &&systemdata folder.


  2. Whenever I try to rebuild the ISO, I can’t because apparently access to a folder inside one of the folders in the “Root” folder cannot be accessed for some odd reason. Help?


    • Do you know which folder it is or does it not tell you? It might be because you didn’t check the “Also Extract Header, Apploader, DOL and TOC” option when you extracted it, but I can’t be sure without knowing which folder it is.


  3. When I extracted the I didn’t receive the Gcr.exe Application. I’ve tried multiple time extracting it but the application will not appear. I don’t know what I did wrong can someone help please or send a link to download the Gcr.exe application.


    • I just downloaded the file and it looks like it’s there. The full name of the file is gcr_v1.0.exe, so it includes the version number, in case that was the source of confusion. I’m not sure if that file name is new or not, but that’s basically what you’ll want.

      I’ll make a quick edit to page in case that was the source of confusion.


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