From a Patch (recommended)

The easiest and fastest way to get a copy of SD Remix is to patch it from an ISO of Melee.

If you’re on Windows, smoke070 has created a video tutorial, if you’d like to follow along with that instead:

Step 1: Download the tools for altering the ISO

The patch files we provide are meant to be used with xdelta. There’s a nice GUI application for Windows, but if you’re on Mac or Linux, just install xdelta via your distro or any other means. For Mac and Linux, we’re going to be using the command “xdelta3”.

If you’re on Windows, download xdelta (with GUI) here:

If you’re on Mac (OSX), download MultiPatch here:

Unzip the files somewhere you’ll remember (you’ll need it in step 3)

Step 2: Obtain (preferably legally) a copy of SSBM NTSC

NTSC just means it should be a version of Super Smash Brothers Melee released in in the NTSC region of the world. This is a fancy way of saying “released in the USA”. Google-ing is one way, but if you have a Wii with the Homebrew Channel, you can rip your personal copy of Melee that you have on a physical disc onto an SD Card or USB Storage device. To rip your own ISO of Melee from your physical copy, see Ripping an ISO from your Physical Melee Disc.

Step 3: Applying the Patch

If you haven’t already, go to our Downloads page and download the Patch Files from the “Main Files”. It includes three patch files, but you will only need one, which will depend on which version your Melee ISO is. If your Melee ISO is v1.0, use “1_0.xdelta”. If v1.1, use “1_1.xdelta”. If v1.2, use “1_2.xdelta”. Extract the patch file you want and put it somewhere you’ll remember.

If you’re on Windows:

Remember where you extracted xdelta to in Step 1? Go there and open xdeltaUI.exe.

It should look like this:


The “Patch” will be the patch file you downloaded.

The “Source File” will need to be your ISO of SSBM.

The “Output File” is the location and file name you want to save the generated SD Remix ISO as. Save it in a directory you’ll remember. We recommend calling the file “sdr3_1.iso”. The file extension is important so it’s usable with other programs.

After you’ve set all three of these, click “Patch”. This might take a while, during which time the window may say that it is “Not Repsonding”. Don’t worry if this happens to you, it’s still working, ISOs are just really big (over 1 GB). On a good computer, it should take about 1 or 2 minutes.

When it is done, it will bring up a pop-up which will say “File patched successfully”.

If you’re on Mac (OSX):

The instructions for patching the ISO are similar to Windows, except you’ll use MultiPatch. It’ll be similar to the instructions above, but remember to use the xdelta option.

If you’re on Linux:

You will want to type in the following command except you fill in the details:

xdelta3 -ds [your ssbm iso file] [the patch file] [the file name to save sd remix as]

For example, if your SSBM ISO is named “melee.iso”, and it is version v1.2 and you’ve extracted “1_2.xdelta” to the current directory, and you want to save it as “sdremix.iso”, the command you would use is:

xdelta3 -ds melee.iso 1_2.xdelta sdremix.iso

You’re done!

Congratulations! You now have an ISO of SD Remix!

Go to the complete Installation Instructions for details on how to use this ISO to play SD Remix.

37 comments on “From a Patch (recommended)

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    • That happens when you use the wrong patch file for the version of your SSBM ISO. Check your version of SSBM and make sure you’re applying the right patch file for that version.


      • I think I realized my issue, do I need a clean iso? I think I was patching over my already hacked iso would that explain the issue?


      • If you’re getting the error with all the patches, you might not have a clean ISO of SSBM. If you’ve ever used it for hacking before, it won’t work. If that’s the case, you’ll may need to build from source: Just keep in mind that this may conflict with the other changes you’ve made to your ISO in the past.

        The other possibility is that you might be using the PAL version. Make sure you have an NTSC version of SSBM.


    • For some reason I can’t reply directly to your other comment, but yes, you’ll need a clean ISO of SSBM.


  2. Im trying to download the xdelta tool ui rar file, but the website is blocked on my pc, so i tried downloading it on my phone and emailing the file to myself. However, my stupid fucking devilish phone refuses to send it due to some content bullshit. Then I had a friend try downloading it on his computer, he got the file and emailed it to me, HOWEVER, when i refresh my email, NOTHING shows up from him, and he did this all on pc and he got my email right. Is there ANY chance you can make that file available on mediafire, PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE!! Nothing is going my way right now and i feel like Nature is just going out of it’s way to prevent me getting this file….


  3. Hello there, I’m having issues. Its saying that there’s an unhandled exception. it also says the file cannot be found. I referenced the previous comment and my SSBM version is correct. i downloaded the v1.2 to 3.2.1 patch. it just not working. do i have place the files in a specific folder for them to be found? please help!


    • If the file isn’t found, then you may be typing in the file locations manually. Assuming you’re on Windows and you’re using the xdelta (With GUI) program, make sure you’re on the Apply tab, and use the “Open buttons” to find the files to use. In addition, the output file will not automatically create folders for you, so you have to either use “…” button to navigate to a folder and then type in a new name in that folder to use for your iso, or you must make sure the folder names you typed in are valid.


  4. xdelta3: not a VCDIFF input: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

    I’m getting this with totally clean ISOs of both 1.00 and 1.02, using the correct respective patches for each. I’ve even tried using other ISO rips just to make sure they’re not faulty, but nothing I do works. This happens in both xdelta3 and Delta Patcher.


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