Game Modes

With the various new features of SD Remix, there are more gameplay possibilities and new game modes that are possible. We’ll go over a few game modes that we know of, telling you what they are, how to set them up, and how to play them.

Crew Battle Mode

Crew battles are one of the most well known events in the SSBM competitive scene. Teams of 4 or more people take turns playing 4 stock, one on one battles with each other. When one player loses, one of their teammates replaces them and the winner must play the next match with only the number of stocks they had left at the end of the last match.

However, in SSBM, where this all started, it has an issue of not being directly supported by the game. When the subsequent match starts, the winner has to self-destruct until their stock count is where it should be. Then, a countdown has to happen to indicate the start of the match. SD Remix, however, provides direct support for crew battles.

To set up crew battle mode, first go to “SDR Options” and the “Melee+ Toggles” (in SDR Lite, you would go to “Tournament Mode” and then “Options”). There will be an option for “Handicap” that you can change from “Damage ratio” to “Stock/Crew”. It will need to be set to “Stock/Crew”. After that is done, you’ll need to go to the normal handicap option in the normal Custom Rules menu (either from the main menu or from the character select screen), and set it to “Auto”.

You’re ready to play with Crew Battle mode. When you select a character for the first time, it should automatically set the “handicap” to 4. This can be manually changed, but it should not be for the purposes of the crew battle. This controls the number of stocks the player will have for the next match. After a match is played, the loser’s handicap will be set to “4” and the winner’s handicap will automatically be set to however many stocks they had left at the end of the last match. As a result, there is no need to self-destruct, and there is no countdown needed.

Note: This should not be used during doubles matches, as there is a known issue with life-stealing.

Capped Points (aka Tennis) Mode

This is a new mode for timed and coin matches. This makes it so that once a player has reached a specific number of points or coins during a timed or coin match, the game immediately ends and that player is declared the winner. This gives the match a sort of tennis feel, where it’s about reaching a specific number of points to win.

This can be enabled by going to “SDR Options” and “Melee+ Options”, and setting “Capped Points” to “Enabled” (not available in SDR LIte). Then, you need to go to the Custom Rules menu (either from the main menu or from the character select screen) and set “Stock Match Time Limit” to any value other than “None” (setting it to “None” will disable the mode altogether). Then, either Time or Coin mode need to be chosen with the desired time limit (if no time limit is selected, this mode will still work). For Timed matches, you can also set the number of points lost on Self-Destruct (we recommend setting it to -2 for competitive play).

During a Timed match, points are gained by KOing your opponent and points are lost for each Fall, though points lost from Self-Destructs specifically follow whatever was set for that option. If any player reaches in positive points the number of minutes that were set for the Stock Match Time Limit, the match immediately ends and that player is declared the winner.

During a Coin match, whoever reaches the number of coins times 100 wins. This means if the Stock Match Time Limit was set to 3 minutes, the coin limit is 300, so if anyone reaches 300 or more coins, the match ends and they are declared the winner.

Christmas Tree Mode

Christmas Tree mode is actually a mode that has had some popularity in normal SSBM, but it was quite arduous to set up. It’s a cooperative survival game mode for four players, where the four players try and survive for as long as possible on Poke floats while bombs rain from the sky. In normal SSBM, the only way to access this was to play a 1 minutes time match and wait for the time to run out so that sudden death mode starts, which comes with bomb mode, which is arduous to set up each time you want to play.

In SD Remix, there is an option that can enable Bomb Rain to make the setup much easier (this option is not available in SD Remix Lite). To turn on Bomb Rain, go to “SDR Options” then “Other Toggles” and set “Always Rain Bombs” to “Enabled”. You then need to set the game mode to “Stock”, the number of stocks to 1, and the Stock Match Time Limit to “None”. For added difficulty, you can set “Bob Ombs” on “Very High” and set the “Damage Ratio” to “2.0”. You then need to go into “Special Melee” and select “Super Sudden Death”. You can pick your characters (floaty characters are recommended) and go to “PokeFloats”.

The primary goal of this game mode is to get to reach the Squirtle float after it has left the screen the first time. The secondary goal is to survive for as long as possible. The game will end when there’s only one player remaining. The players will need to avoid both the bob ombs and each other, though there can also be instances where you may be able to help each other (Fox’s reflector is one move that can save team mates from death). After the game ends, the results screen will show the time that each player lost their stock, and the highest of these times is considered the “Score” for the team.

Mayhem Mode

Mayhem mode is a mode that goes for maximum chaos. It can only be done with the normal version of SD Remix (SD Remix Lite does not have the options for it).

To set it up, you go to “SDR Options” and go to “Other Toggles”. “Random Hitbox Element” should be set to “Enabled” and “Always Rain Bombs” should be set to “Pokeball”. You can set whatever other option you want, but “Capped Points” mode is recommended, and it is recommended to set the game mode to “Time” with 4 minutes with a Stock Match Time Limit of 4. Any stage can be played, but it is most effective on the more crazy stages, such as Brinstar Depths, Icicle Mountain, Big Blue, and PokeFloats.

“Random Hitbox Element” makes it so that all non-projectile attacks (including grabs) have a random element, such as fire, darkness, ice, sleep, poison/flower, screw attack, etc. This combined with Pokeballs always raining from the sky create a highly chaotic environment, which can be crazy and fun.

Temple Run

Temple Run is a mix of Super Smash Brothers, F-Zero, and Mario Kart. It is a racing mode for 4 players.

To set it up, all items should be enabled and set to “normal”. It should also be set to a 1-Stock match with a 2 minute stock match time limit. Tournament overtime should be enabled from “SDR Options”. Four players should be selected and the Hyrule Temple should be the stage. Players have 30 seconds to get to their start positions, which is somewhere in the inner loop with north for player 1, west for Player 2, south for player 3, and east for player 4. Once the time reaches 1:30, the players should go counter-clockwise around the inner loop.

Scoring is determined by the number of time the player has made a full loop minus their ranking on the results screen (so 1st place would subtract 1 lap while 4th place subtracts 4 points). If the player loses their stock, they are out for the rest of the match. If a player self-destructs, they are disqualified. Like Mario Kart, the player may use any items they can get to their advantage. Like Mario Kart and F-Zero, they can attempt to impede or KO any other players to impede progress.

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